Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

For Cashless Economy India Needs Digital Privacy, Safety Law

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Before the Narendra Modi government opts to make India a cashless country, two important laws are required to come into force – digital privacy and safe user data.

Currently there is no such law in the country that talks about digital privacy. It is free for all and different people interpret privacy in different way.

There is no proper provision now to force companies to keep user data safe and this is the reason the spam messages and calls keep on flooding.


It is important for India to come with a guideline how private companies as well as government bodies should handle user data.

There is no guarantee and also no safety check to limit power of government of institutions like telecom companies and banks from peering into the digital lives of Indians.

Do not forget the recent debit card hacking in which about 32 lakh cards were leaked and the victims didn’t know how and what to do.

Currently the government does not guarantees reasonable privacy and so people would not give up the anonymity.

Meanwhile, even after about three weeks of two denominations currency ban the country’s economy is crippling and demonetization is now going from bad to worse phase with each passing moment urging the need of policy and law to make India a cashless economy.

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