Published On: Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

For Nicer Food and Air-Con, This Panda Acts Pregnant!

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Most people will not usually think that an animal can pretend or act to do something. However, it may not be the case with a panda, particularly a giant panda breed. Only recently, a giant panda named Ai Hin was found out to be acting as if it was pregnant while in reality it was not. At the first sign of its pregnancy, the caretakers of the captivation where Ai Hin lived planned to film the process of the said female giant panda, so that panda lovers all over the world would be able to witness it. Therefore, at the first sign of its pregnancy, Ai Hin’s caretakers made sure that the panda would not be stressed, by providing it with an air-conditioned room in addition to foods that were a whole lot nicer than what it used to get when it was not pregnant.


Unfortunately, two months passed and the panda somehow lost its pregnancy indications all of a sudden. It is common for giant pandas, however, to come across a particular syndrome known as the phantom pregnancy, with the pandas seemingly pregnant but they really are not. Yet again, in the case of giant pandas, some of them are pretty clever, so clever that they can even act to be pregnant because they know by doing that, they will get extra treatments and facilities from their caretakers. Having observed Ai Hin’s behavior, those who run the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China, have now been convinced that all this time, Ai Hin has only been pretending its pregnancy. As a result, the panda in question has now been put back to its previous captivation facility and it can kiss its AC room and nicer foods goodbye.


The case of Ai Hin is really an unfortunate one and has been a total disappointment to a lot of people expecting its pregnancy to be real. For the record, a female giant panda can only be fertile for up to three days all year long. Yet, when it becomes really pregnant, it is often necessary to wait for 80 up to 200 days to witness a female giant panda giving birth to its babies. Even then, it is never a certainty that the panda will actually give birth, so it’s more like a game of guessing.


Nonetheless, there has been pretty good news from other places besides the panda captivation at Chengdu, China. At Guangzhou, also in China, a panda just gave birth at the Chimelong Safari Park. This panda now has three babies to take care of altogether. Believe it or not, these three baby pandas are the only twins of three of pandas on the entire planet.


Other good news has come from Scotland, from the zoo located at Edinburgh. Here, there is a panda known as Tian Tian and its caretakers are guessing that Tian Tian is pregnant as well. This guess has come as a result of close scientific observation and examination. Yet again, even with such feasible proofs, Iain Valentine, one of the people observing and treating Tian Tian, dares not say that this female panda is absolutely pregnant. Nevertheless, in spite of their doubt in regards to whether the said panda is pregnant or not, the people at the zoo have indeed made a request to the local authorities. They have made an official request to ban planes from flying above the area covering the zoo. For those who may wonder, this request has been made with one quite straightforward reason in mind. If there happens to be any plane that flies past the zoo, the said panda may get depressed. In turn, this may cause undesired things to happen to its pregnancy, presuming the pregnancy is not a fake or phantom one.


Well, it seems that it is really a hard thing to take care of the giant pandas and make them multiply in numbers, doesn’t it?

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