Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

From Liquor Ban To Note Ban Bihar Economy Shedding Tears

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In the era in which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about running bullet train in the country the two ban has crippled the poor state Bihar further.

The liquor ban by state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar earlier derailed ‘Ranthi Express’ in Beguserai and local alcohol manufacturer to some extent and the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes ban by Modi has added fuel to the fire.

Ranthi Express was about a month ago a brand of country liquor and word ‘ranthi’ refers to a stretcher used for carrying corpses.


The two ban has resulted as devastation for denizens and netherworld. The liquor barons have finally shut their shops and breweries too have been locked as of now temporarily, if not permanently. Roadside liquor shops have turned into tea shops in the state and less, or almost no, people are seen roaming on the streets. Accidents have been fallen too drastically and street brawls are seen in less number.

The side effects on note currency ban have resulted positive for two-wheeler dealers as people found in possession of excess cash facilitated the purchase of motorcycle.

However, life has come to a halt in broader sense and the biggest worry in the region is that farmers are incapable to purchase fertilizers and seeds for the Rabi crop. If situation persists the wheat sowing would be hit hard.

For common people it is yet to come down to a conclusion whether demonetization is to be seen as a blessing or a curse, or else a blessing in a curse.

Give a thought.

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