Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2018

Goa’s Beaches Are a Popular Destination for a Christmas in India

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Christmas is celebrated in many parts of India, but the biggest celebrations are in Goa. Goa’s history as a Portuguese colony means that there is a large Roman Catholic community in Goa, and Christmas celebrations in Goa are the best in India. The main day for Goa’s Christmas celebrations is Christmas Day, December 25th.

MIdnight Xmas mass at Saligao

How Christmas is Celebrated in Goa

As Christmas approaches, Goa’s churches, public buildings, markets, private homes and hotels in Goa are decorated with Christmas trees, colourful Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations. Paper stars and lanterns are common decorations during Christmas in Goa and other parts of India, and there is no shortage of glittering lights.

For Goa’s Roman Catholic population, the highlight of Christmas celebrations is the Midnight mass or Missa de Galo. After the mass, festivities continue throughout the night. Christmas Day is a day for family feasts, and as locals get together to spend Christmas Day with relatives and friends, many Goa hotels and restaurants offer special Christmas menus on Christmas Day and arrange Christmas events and parties for international tourists and homesick expats. A favourite Christmas delicacy in Goa is the local speciality bebinca, a dessert made with sugar, ghee (clarified butter), flour and coconut milk.

Tips for Planning A Christmas in Goa

Christmas and New Year are the busiest time on Goa’s beaches as tourist flock here from around the world for a tropical beach Christmas. Accommodation prices rise accordingly during the holiday season, and hotel rooms in Goa can be twice or three times as expensive as outside the peak season. Cheap rooms can be hard to find and places fill up fast, so it is best to book a hotel room as far in advance as possible or, in case of independent travellers, arrive well before Christmas to have a better choice of accommodation. Many travel agents arrange special Christmas in Goa packages.

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