Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

Google Continues to Protect Android Users

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It may not be something you immediately think about, or even consider at all, but security for mobile ‘phones and other devices is just as important for as it is for PCs and laptops. Viruses and malware can create havoc, whether you access the internet to play online games, or you use it for business, or social correspondence, which is why Google was extremely diligent when it came to ensuring protection for all android users.

Google was prepared for almost every eventuality when they launched their first Android ‘phone in 1998, and already had many methods of security in place. They continue to introduce even more security updates to ensure your device is not infiltrated by viruses and malware.

Google Continues to Protect Android Users

The importance of protecting Android devices is highly significant, which you will realise when faced with the fact that currently over 400 companies work with 500 carriers to produce a selection of approximately 4000 different types of mobile, tablet and television.

Why is Security So Important?

This may seem to be a question with an obvious answer, but many people are not aware of just how many different types of breaches there can be when using online resources. For example, if you are an online shopper, or you make transactions using gaming apps such as Lucky Nugget Casino, you will want to know that your money is secure and that your financial passwords and details remain safe. As well as being reassured by individual companies, like Lucky Nugget Casino, who make known their dedication to online security by providing an overview of their games and the many payment safe methods available to play them, Android users who enjoy online gaming and shopping are further protected in many different ways through the following Android safety measures.

Application Sandbox

The analogy Google has chosen to describe this particular security tool allows us to understand what is does in the simplest of terms: in the same way that a sandbox is designed to stop sand spilling over the sides, and foreign matter coming in, this security measure ensures that an app can not access anything beyond its own parameters. Therefore, even if you accidentally install a piece of malware, it can not access any other app.

Contemporary Security Technology

Android uses the most up to date software and hardware technologies available including application signing, encryption, Trust Zone and integrity checks to ensure the device and your information remain protected.

What About Third Party Apps?

One of the great things about Android is that it isn’t precious when it comes to allowing users to access other sources on Android devices. By offering this, Google had to ensure that it had security measures in place to protect from potentially harmful apps which are not accessed via Google Play. In this vein, Google introduced a feature called Verify Apps which will warn users if an app has the potential to be harmful to your device or to your software.

Google is continuously updating its security, running checks on current systems, and introducing new security measures, which in most cases require you, the Android user, to do nothing: giving you the peace of mind to enjoy secure online access, whatever Android device you use.

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