Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

Google Is Now Open To the Third-Party Developers

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Google made changes in its search experience for Android devices in 2012. It was changed from plain text box to a new interface called Google Now. Google is now allowing the third party developers to add their data directly to the Google Now interface.

Earlier, all the data in Google Now was added directly from Google only. Now, Google will start showing the data from the various apps. According to the company, the new decision has the potential to provide Google now with better usefulness.

The Google Now cards were first started for Android 4.1 and it can be used on the chrome desktop browser and iOS apps now. Google has designed the Now cards in such a way to collectively bring the data about location, search history and the search preferences so that the user will be able to get relevant information before they ask for it specifically.

Google Is Now Open To the Third-Party Developers

If you have an appointment stored in the calendar on your device, Google will figure out where you need to be and what will be the traffic like on your way to the location. This will give the user the information about the time needed to reach the location and clear directions to reach the location.

With the new change, the users will be able to access the apps such as Mint, Shazaam, Runtastic, etc.

Google has given permission only to selected developers to add data from their program to Google now. You will be able find more information regarding the new-app based cards; you can visit the Google Now demo site.

According to the experts, the expanded cards will be more useful for the android device users. The developers can select the data they want to expose through Google Now. The expanded cards will reduce your need to open the actual apps. You can use Now to check on the data from the various apps you need. The app based cards can be used to store the non-urgent data which can be of use later without causing cluttering.

Google is not providing a public API for apps right now. This will allow Google to control the contents that get loaded to the card stack even by the third party. Google is making careful steps to make the interface not too messy to use or the users will keep away from Google Now. It is expected that the new cards will be available with the update of Google apps within a few days.

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