Published On: Sun, May 1st, 2016

Google Rolls Out One-Handed Texting Android Keyboard

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Texting with one hand has lately become difficult as sizes of smartphones have increased rapidly. To overcome the problem Google has come up with version 5.0 of its official keyboard for Android.

The new keyboard includes a mode to make easier one-handed texting. However, it is not an elegant solution compared to recently released Word Flow from the stable of Microsoft.

The Word Flow is compatible with iPhone that makes texting with one hand easier and thanks to its unique “arc” mode.

The “arc” mode is nothing of a big thing but the keyboard curves the letter keys to make the thumb reach easily.

The new version of Google’s keyboard is being slowly rolled out through Google Play.

Google Rolls Out One-Handed Texting Android Keyboard

Activation of the one-handed mode is simple. Users just need to press and hold the “,” key and thereafter tap the one-handed icon. This will enable shrinking of the keyboard and shift to either right or left side for thumb reachability.

The keys of one-hand mode may look too small but swiping between letters works better and fast.

The other features of the new version include gesture controls, adjustable keyboard height and quicker access to emojis.

If you have tried the new version of Google’s Android keyboard, do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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