Published On: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014

Google to Join the Wearable Device Competition

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When it comes to technology, there will always be some new inventions being underway. Evolution is something inevitable in the world of science and technologies. It seems that the tech vendors in the world will always try to impress their customers with new inventions or ideas that have never been made into reality in the past. Speaking of technology and its evolution, it is not wise not to talk about wearable devices. After all, this is the technology that has been becoming the trend for the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, there is a pretty high chance that wearable devices are the household tech of the future. It seems that the world’s giant search engine company, Google, is well aware of this. On Tuesday, the search engine giant made an official announcement, hinting to customers and developers alike that the company would be extending the Android OS to wearable devices. Smartwatches are one good example to think about in this case.


To be identified as the Android Wear, this upcoming wearable device from Google will attempt to take the most out of the voice recognition technology that belongs to Google. For those people out there who wonder how well this voice recognition technology actually works, they can always find and try out the technology on their Android smartphones. So far, people have been able to use the voice recognition technology to ask their Android device things like the score of a football match between two football clubs. Of course, that is only one example to name. To access that voice recognition function, users of the Android devices simply have to say ‘OK Google’ and then they will be provided with direct answers to whatever questions they may have. It’s Google, a search engine, after all.


The voice recognition technology has also proven to be particularly useful when it comes to typing some text messages. Likewise, it can also be used to search for a host of information from the World Wide Web pages.


Yet, taking into consideration that the voice recognition technology has already been made massively available on Android smart devices in the global markets out there, will there actually still be any reasons for people to even consider buying the upcoming supposedly smartwatch from Google at all? Well, it seems there are. According to the information leaked by Google by far, the Android Wear, the wearable device to come, will feature a tweaked version of the search engine company’s Google Now interface.


On a prototype device that comes in the form of a smartwatch, Google has also shown off to people how they are supposed to work with the tweaked version of the Google Now on the wearable device from the company. All that users of the Android Wear will have to do is simply to swipe the screen of the device to a certain direction. Then, a wide range of the Google Now cards will show up, revealing the bits of information that may well prove to be relevant to what the users of the smartwatch are looking for at the given time.


Unfortunately, until the time this news is written, the world’s number one search engine company has yet to reveal any specific dates regarding when the Android Wear devices will actually come to the global markets. However, a Twitter account known by the name EVLeaks is hinting that the South Korea-based tech vendor, LG, is actually working hard to build the Android Wear smartwatches for Google. For the record, the EVLeaks is well known for its accuracy in leaking information in the world of technologies.

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