Published On: Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

Google To Punish Sites With Too Many App Installed Ads From Nov 1

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If you are using too much of app installed ads or pop-ups on your websites and blogs, get ready to be penalized on Google search engine.

Google has taken a move as such ads turn to be annoying after a point and visitors to the website does not often click on those ads. Starting November 1 all the mobile web pages that are equipped with app install interstitial to be downranked and not to be considered as mobile-friendly.

Google To Punish Sites With Too Many App Installed Ads From Nov 1

In a blog post Google says the change is small, but it will benefit a larger audience. It writes further that those sites will not be punished which are using standard app install banners.

According to TechCrunch, webmasters are also allowed to use their own implementations of such banners, but those need not to block searchers from viewing the content of the webpage.

Google also has rebranded its logo. It has redesigned it with new rounded one and the search engine says to work on all screen sizes irrespective of the device.

This is the fifth time Google has revamped its logo since 1998 when the search engine was launched. In the 17 years of journey the company has changed several times with the change in the technology Google is used.

Recently Google also renamed the company as a whole with Alphabet, which of course is not a replacement to Google, but a company to house all the projects including the search engine.

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