Published On: Tue, Jun 28th, 2016

Google+ Turns 5. Shocked?

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If you love Google+ here’s one more reason to add joy to your relationship with the social platform. It has turned five, though against all odds.

For many it would be surprising that Google+ still exist as it has not changed since launching compared to credible Facebook.

In June 2011 people were genuinely excited about the social platform of the search engine giant as many things were done and said including great design, advanced web technologies and more focus on privacy with the help of Circles.

Google Turns 5. Shocked

However, the honeymoon was short lived as users found Circles complicated and anonymous users were not allowed to quickly create a backlash.

More to all these, Google then focused mainly on juicing the user numbers instead of improving it and maintained it closed to third-party developers to great extent.

Project’s head Vic Gundotra spent hours after hours on building social into all of Google’s products and after his exit from the company in 2014 many hours were spent on removing all such integrations.

Even the journey has been bumby for the social media, but it is still surviving unlike the ill-fated Buzz. So, for the fans it is time to cheer and say Happy birthday, Google+!

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