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Grenada Island, Wildlife and Conservation

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On an island just 35 by 20 km, Grenada offers a multitude of landscapes and ecosystems from mangrove swamps to turtle beaches, from rainforest reserves to misty mountain tops. Blessed by Trade Winds, the island is lush and fertile, rich in wildlife and tropical plants and trees.

Conservation has made giant steps in recent years, healing the scars left by the latest hurricanes . Trails have been cleared, new shoots have sprouted and grown and Grenada’s natural world is as enticing as ever. National parks and reserves protect natural assets, making the island a top Caribbean choice for bird watching and hiking. Local operators offer a range of tours off the beaten track, on foot or by jeep.

Grenada Island, Grand Etang Rainforest Reserve

In Grenada’s central mountains, the Grand Etang rainforest reserve spreads around the crater lake and climbs up to the highest point, Mount St Catherine, at 840 metres. Mahogany and gommier trees tower above the damp floor where rare orchids hide among pink ginger lilies, mimosa ferns and indigenous plants. Wildlife includes mona monkeys, opossums, mongoose and armadillo and lots of tropical birds, such as purple throat caribs, gree gree hawks and crested hummingbirds.

Well marked trails ramble through the forest past spectacular waterfalls, across tumbling streams or around the lake. Walks range from gentle strolls to demanding full day hikes when a guide is advisable.

Caribbean Wildlife and Conservation, Turtle Beach, Levera National Park

From early spring to summer, on the north east coast of Grenada, the Levera National Park welcomes the return of around 150 leatherback turtles who lay their eggs at night before slipping back into the ocean. Turtle watching tours can be arranged in some hotels. The largest turtle on record in Levera measured over 2.7 metres and weighed 916kg. Protection, education and research are part of the Ocean Spirits programme dedicated to their survival.

Framed by offshore islands, the National Park covers 182 ha, with a lovely beach and superb coastal scenery, including a mangrove swamp and lagoon rich in waterfowl. Common snipes, black-necked stilts and herons are all present while marine areas claim sea grass beds and coral reefs swarming with tropical fish.

Grenada Island, Wildlife and Conservation

Mangrove Estuary, La Sagesse Nature Centre, Grenada

Down in the south, the remote nature centre of La Sagesse is set along a mangrove estuary and quiet beaches lined with palms. There’s a well preserved cactus woodland and thorn scrub and a coral reef offering excellent snorkelling.

The mangrove estuary and saltwater pond make this a prime bird watching area where green-backed and little blue herons may be spotted alongside Caribbean coots, flycatchers and northern jacana. There is a small guesthouse on site.

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