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Guide to Detroit Casinos and how to eliminate gambling debts

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When gambling arrived in Detroit in the late 1990s, the expectations were that eventually, the three would be positioned together to create a Casino District to attract some of the amateur as well as professional casino winner players.

Big-name, live entertainment was to be common. New hotel and convention space would be added to the regional offerings. Most important, the district would spawn more bars, clubs, restaurants and retail outlets to help revive a Detroit that had been neglected for decades.

Decades later, much of that promise has gone unrealized. In particular, squabbling over parcels of land and an inability to resolve related issues has seen the Casino District on the riverfront become an idea of the past. Instead, all three casinos – Greektown Casino, MGM Detroit and MotorCity Casino and Hotel – have gone their separate ways.

Despite those shortcomings, the three remain among the busiest tourist attractions in town, not to mention a popular entertainment option for people throughout southeast Michigan. And recent upgrades have helped fulfill some of the early high hopes. New hotels have been built, shopping has increased, and the bar and restaurant options have expanded.

Here’s a quick look at all three of Detroit’s casinos and what visitors can expect in terms of convenience and accessibility:

Guide to Detroit

Greektown Casino

While the other two casinos in town have moved from their previous temporary locations and celebrated grand openings into newer, flashier digs, Greektown’s lone addition of late has been its new parking garage. But it remains popular, in part because of its location.

Positioned next to the People Mover, it’s easily accessible to out-of-towners staying at the GM Renaissance Center or any of the other downtown hotels. And neighboring the theater and sports districts where foot traffic is heaviest, it’s the most convenient for people attending a Tigers game at Comerica Park, a Wings game at Joe Louis Arena, or a performance in Harmonie Park.

And, of course, Greektown Casino benefits from being part of the Greektown neighborhood itself, one of the hottest entertainment locales in Detroit.

MGM Grand Detroit

Adding to the downtown skyline, MGM Detroit opened its new hotel and casino in late 2007 just a few blocks from its previous location. Delivering the Vegas-style casino experience that was promised when gambling first arrived in Detroit, MGM’s opening upped the standard by which Detroit casinos will be measured.

Located on I-75 on the west side of downtown, the new MGM Detroit appeals to visitors and locals alike because it does more than deliver upscale gambling. The much talked about rebirth of downtown Detroit continues, and while strides have been made, particularly in terms of entertainment, a glaring hole remains with regards to available shopping. MGM helps fill that gap, in addition to offering a handful of restaurants and clubs that would stand on their own as local hotspots even without the luxury of slot machines and poker tables in the next room.

For out-of-towners, MGM Detroit is located near enough to the People Mover that you can get there without your own transportation. Get off at the Michigan Avenue stop and walk three blocks west toward the old Tiger Stadium.

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Jutting from the aging neighborhood that surrounds it, the new art-deco style MotorCity Casino Hotel opened with great fanfare in late 2007 just across freeway from MGM Detroit. And like MGM, the upgrades up the ante for what gamblers in Detroit will come to expect.

New shops, restaurants, bars and the hotel make MotorCity a one-stop destination for visitors to the area, and while its location is not convenient for walking to most other attractions downtown, it’s just a short cab or shuttle ride.

Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminate Gambling Debts

Unless the gambling addiction itself is tackled, further gambling losses will continue to take place. Seek assistance from Gamblers Anonymous before using any form of debt solution to tackle gambling debts. This will gradually allow the person to ease money problems and personal debts.

Ask for a Refund of Gambling Losses

Write to the poker, sports betting or casino manager and explain that gambling losses have been accrued and these have imposed hardship on family life. Inform the manager of the gambling addiction and request permanent exclusion from the site. Politely ask loyal casino for a refund of some of the gambling losses to help tackle high debts.

Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

Whilst a debt solution is an excellent way of dealing with gambling debts, personal bankruptcy should normally be avoided. Gambling losses are likely to result in a Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO). This means that someone with gambling debts can be held financially accountable.

Avoid Bankruptcy Restriction Orders with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legally binding agreement between a debtor and his creditors. Provided a minimum of 75% of creditors, in terms of value, vote in favour of the IVA, it is binding on them all. It is possible for someone to write-off up to 75% of gambling losses in just 60 months.

Tackle Modest Gambling Losses with a Debt Management Plan

Whilst an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is designed for serious gambling debts, a debt management plan helps those with more modest gambling losses. All personal debt can be put under one roof and a single payment is made to an intermediary who disseminates this to creditors on a pro rata basis. Whilst there is no debt write-off, it is possible to freeze interest and further charges.

There is no easy answer to overcoming a gambling addiction and tackling large gambling losses. It is imperative that help is sought from Gamblers Anonymous to tackle the root-cause of the gambling addiction before negotiating the actual gambling debts.

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