Published On: Sun, Jul 12th, 2015

Gurgaon Police & ITM University came together for a Cyber Secure Gurgaon

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With an objective to strengthen the cyber security system of the Millennium city of Gurgaon, ITM University organized a workshop on ‘Cyber Security’ for the Gurgaon Police on 11 July 2015 at their university campus in Gurgaon. The day long workshop was attended by more than 60 Police officials including those of Cyber Crime Cell and the newly formed ATM Fraud Cell members.

Gurgaon, with a high concentration of computer savvy people, continues to witness online frauds and misuse of ATM (debit/credit) cards. The Gurgaon police have received 801 cyber crime complaints till July 3, 2015. Most of the cases are related to net banking, credit/debit card fraud, hacking of e-mails and cheating through mobile phones. Taking into account the seriousness of this issue a comprehensive training module was designed by ITM for the Gurgaon police. The topics covered in the workshop included Cryptography in secure Electronic transactions, cyber security e-banking frauds & remedies, Social Engineering with SSL stripping and Digital Forensics.

Workshop was conducted by Department of CSE & IT, ITM University under the supervision of Dr. Latika Singh, HOD. Dr. Meena Kumari, Professor, Department of CSE&IT, lectured on Cryptography in Secure Electronic Transactions. ITM University has also introduced a new in-depth course from their current session- M Tech Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security. The courses will skill the youths in various aspects of the cyber world both theoretically and practically. It will open doors for students willing to get in this field. The police officials were taken to the computer labs as well for practical session which gave them hands on experience of the new technologies and tools of cyber security.

Mr. Saurabh Kaushal, Technical administrator, NITTTR, Chandigarh; Mr Rahul Tyagi, Associate Vice President, Lucideus Tech Private Ltd., New Delhi and Mr. Manoj Kumar, MS in Digital Forensics from ITB, Ireland were the other experts who delivered the lectures. The approach of the lecturers was to keep workshop skewed towards the practical aspects, which police officials have to deal on a day to day basis.

“Such workshops upgrade the skills of the officers and are required these days. It was recently noticed that cyber crimes had gone far beyond incidents of someone posting offensive content on the social networking websites. Therefore the investigative method needs to be upgraded. This workshop has definitely added to our skill and knowledge.” Said Mr. Rajesh Kumar, ACP, Crime, Gurgaon.

Speaking on the occasion, Brig. SK Sharma (Retd), Pro Vice Chancellor, ITM University said“We are thankful and honored to have officials of Gurgaon Police at our campus for this workshop. Cyber security is one of the most serious issues that we are facing today. With enhanced technology, even government departments are at a risk falling prey to cyber warfare. We can provide the academic and theoretical knowledge to you and you are the best people to put that theory into practice. We are looking forward to this association with Gurgaon police and will continue to organize such workshops for them in future for a cyber secure Gurgaon.”


Concluding the session Dr. Meena Kumari,Professor, Department of CSE&IT in her vote of thanks said,’It was an altogether different experience for me, delivering the lecture I kept in mind the needs of Police officers who though adept to the practical aspects were quite unaware of the theoretical aspects. I tried to enlighten them with the basics of Cryptography and was delighted by their response. I look forward to more sessions like this so that we at ITM are able to help Gurgaon Police in becoming more equipped and we can get first hand knowledge of  practical problems faced by them so that we could try to get possible answers to them ”

Sharing his experience Mr. Rahul Tyagi, Associate Vice President, Lucideus Tech Private Ltd,New Delh said “It was an amazing experience to deliver a lecture on cyber security in-front of such senior officials of Gurgaon Cyber Cell. The current situation may not be alarming, but with increasing Internet usage, the threat is always there. Even a small threat can become a big issue, therefore we need to have such interactive sessions in order to create awareness about cyber security”.


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