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Hangzhou, Premier Chinese Tourist City

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Hangzhou lies in the southern sector of the Yangze River Delta 200 km from Shanghai. One of China’s eight ancient capitals, it was the seat of government for periods in the 9th and 12th centuries. Being at the southern end of the Ancient Grand Canal, Hangzhou developed early as an important trading centre. Today it is tourism that makes Hangzhou one of the most attractive and progressive cities in China, a city that proudly boasts of the national awards it collects.

West Lake, Hangzhou Icon

Hangzhou is dominated by West Lake both physically and culturally. This 60 sq. km expanse of water is the life-blood of the city’s tourism industry, and has been the subject of numerous works in art and literature over centuries. West Lake is one of the most recognised geographical names in China, and a perennial drawcard for holidaymakers.

West Lake is the place for a long but easy walk. The Su-Bai Causeway, built over a thousand years ago from dredgings of the lake stretches 2.7 km, with many spots of scenic and cultural interest along the way. Too numerous to list, the attractions of West Lake are all accessible on foot or with help of a shuttle cart service. A series of route suggestions is published by Hangzhou Tourist Commission.

Famous Longjing Tea

In the hills to the southwest of West Lake are the Longjing tea plantations. Here the visitor can get right amongst the tea fields, watch the harvest and take time out for a refreshing Longjing tea served in tall glasses. The China National Tea Museum gives a fascinating insight into the rich culture associated with the beverage, the methods of production and what makes the huge range of tea varieties.

A suggested Longjing itinerary is to take the No 27 bus to Longjing Village and walk back down through the plantations to the museum. There are several options for lunch, including some delicious local fare at the teahouse in the bamboo grove.

Hangzhou, Premier Chinese Tourist City

Also on the No 27 bus route, on the city side of the Museum is the preserved home and first factory of Du Jingsheng, renowned Hangzhou ‘patriotic entrepreneur’. Du founded his silk empire in 1922 with the aim according to publicity of ‘saving China by industry’. The exquisite Du Jingsheng silk brocade products became much sought after, and business boomed. The complex is set in a pleasant park on the edge of an inlet of West Lake, away from the crowds.

China’s Grand Canal

The China Grand Canal Museum is located near the canal’s historical termination point in Hangzhou’s northern districts. This is the place to learn all about the importance of this great waterway to the city. As well as a collection of relics from the canal’s heydays, a fascinating series of artworks and photographs show what life was like for those reliant on it for their livelihood. A large part of the museum is taken up by descriptions of current developments to return the canal to its former glory.

The Grand Canal is crossed at this point by the Gongchen Bridge and bounded on both sides by preserved buildings of a former time. Across the bridge from the museum and past the old buildings is the modern and visually quite stunning China Fan Museum. Here the latest in audio-visual technology is used to show and describe the Chinese fan in all its historical forms and uses.

Today the Grand Canal extends to the Qiantang River to the city’s south, opening it up to new routes. Despite the advances of other forms of freight transport the canal in Hangzhou is experiencing a resurgence in its importance for conveying the products of Zhejiang Province.

These attractions and much more besides are there to see, to do and to learn in Hangzhou, which is just 2-3 hours from Shanghai depending on travel option and station used. There are numerous trains and buses between the two cities, including a direct bus service connecting with Pudong Airport.

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