Published On: Mon, Mar 16th, 2020

Healthy Eating Habits Is Key To Healthy Living

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Hospitals are regularly tackling patients with an increasing number of health problems – most of them are due to improper and unhealthy diet consumption.


Hospitals are facing the contradictory situation of telling the patients to leave the terrible food condition for health care. From the past years, doctors have spoken about the healthy food lifestyle, but the patient’s carelessness and not obeying the instructions lead to frustrating health conditions.


For doctors, it is too hard to tell them about how to change their diet intake and make it healthy. The same goes for the hospital’s meals. Now there are several hospitals that have taken this as a severe point of concern and decided to hire the chefs who help in guiding the proper meals as per the requirements of the patient.


The hospitals are working on the advice of a nutritionist, and expert dieticians who will ensure the dietary needs of the patient and restrict any unnecessary food take that may cause harm to their health.

Dr. Eric Rimm, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Program’s director at the  Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health director, said that “It is embarrassing in this era of nutritional knowledge and disease prevention that any hospital does not offer a range of healthy food options during recovery.”


A study report shows that malnutrition in the hospital’s meals affects the health of 30%-50% of patients across the world.

“Often patients enter the hospital malnourished or at risk of malnutrition and experience nutrition decline during their stay, placing them at higher risk for adverse outcomes following hospital discharge” as per study article published in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, in September 2019.

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