Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2020

Best Home Remedies for Constipation to Get Better Instantly

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Constipation is a naturally recurring issue. It can feel highly uncomfortable and needs to be cured rapidly. For some people, constipation is a rare issue that happens between long time gaps. For others, this problem comes way more frequently. In this regard, you must know these home remedies for constipation to get immediate relief.

Taking a prescription right away is not the best idea. You must try some home remedies for constipation treatment first. It is because of you adhere to medication this frequently then you are likely to develop a habit.  

People that have bad digestive qualities are often more likely to develop recurring issues of constipation. But they are not alone in this misery though, pregnant women are highly susceptible to this condition as well along with other with people consuming certain medications.   

Even if a person doesn’t have internal forces causing constipation, a bad lifestyle can cause constipation as well.

It is important to adjust your lifestyle to incorporate healthy diets and physical exercises. If you have been facing the problem of constipation regularly, you must definitely look into these natural remedies for constipation that have the potential to provide immediate relief.

Exercise Regularly

If you are fully backed up and feeling utterly uncomfortable, going to the gym and working out may not be the most attractive thing to do. Going out to a gym for running is highly efficient in this case. It can provide you immediate relief.

Moreover, we would recommend you to incorporate exercising and running in your daily life routine. You must try to fix at least 150 minutes of medium aerobic activity every week. This translates to an average of 30 minutes every day for five days a week.

This may not be much but is enough for making sure you remain healthy and constipation free. For some people though, this 30-minute goal may feel like too much. It is common for most people that have constipation issues. For them, it is recommended to set smaller goals every day to slowly enforce the regime.

Keep a consistent schedule

Most millennials and even adults do not a healthy daily schedule. No matter how healthy you are eating or how much you exercise, if you do not have a fixed schedule, it is all not worth much.

It is important to never skip or delay your morning leak period as it is one of the main reasons for your intestines to slow their motion and stools to harden.

Even if you don’t feel like it, it is suggested to go to the bathroom just before bedtime and right after waking up in the morning. You will most likely develop a habit for these times. If not, try to fix any other time that is more appropriate for you.

Late-night waking up and day sleeping are enemies of a healthy digestive system. You must commit to making a schedule that fulfills your health requirements and not overlook it.

Maintain Hydration

We cannot stress this enough that drinking plenty of water one of the easiest natural remedies for curing constipation. Drinking water will ensure regular movements in your digestive system. Regular movement will most likely ensure non-hardening if stool that translates in constipation.

There is no fixed quantity of water we can suggest, but generally, drinking about 13 cups of water in a day is more than enough for men, the level could be up to 9 glasses in case of women.

If you are already constipated then drinking water is even more important as the medication you are taking most likely contains fiber.

You can always consult your physician for the same. When we say it is important to stay hydrated, we do not only mean water. Other liquids like coffee, black tea, green tea is also great for this purpose.

Eat sufficient dietary fiber

Consuming fiber through your diet is very crucial. They are key components that prevent you from staying constipated. There are two kinds of fiber.

One is called insoluble fiber, this fiber makes sure your intestine is bulked up so that there is enough stool movement. Another one is called soluble fiber that makes sure your stool stays soft.

The best way to avoid getting constipated on a regular basis, it is best to eat food that is high in fiber and are easily digestible. Some of these fruits are avocado, prunes, bananas, or berries. Alternatively, you can consume grapeseed oil that is rich in dietary fiber.

Commonly, if you avoid or reduce the risk of constipation you can use this natural remedy that includes adding fiber-rich foods to your everyday meal. These foods include almost all the fruits, vegetables, and whole gamins.

Use Coconut Oil 

As per Dr. Arielle Miller Levitan, if you eat one or two tablespoons of coconut oil every day, it would assist lubricate your intestines.

This is a great thing for preventing constipation as even your doctor may guide you to do be if you are feeling constipated. If you are capable of swallowing the coconut naturally, you could consume it by mixing with your tea or coffee or blending with vinegar.

Coconut oil has always been used and recommended by the doctors for treating critical constipation. Drinking it raw has been the best way for gaining maximum benefits.

However, it is understandable if it’s too gross for you to drink it that way. You can blend it with other liquids to continue reaping benefits.     


There are a lot of home remedies that you can try to for getting immediate relief during constipation. The natural remedies for constipation mentioned here are also recommended to be followed on a daily basis to avoid any risk of future issues.

No matter how great these home remedies and tips are in treating your constipation, if the problem pertains longer, you must contact a doctor.

Moreover, even doctors all over the world are of an opinion that the natural remedies for constipation mentioned here are highly effective and helpful. So, they may guide you further on the right remedies you must adopt along with prescribed medications.

What do you think? Will you consider trying out these remedies? Please let us know in the comment section down below.

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