Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

How Much Is The Cost For Playing Paintball?

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We all know how much we love to shoot people and get shot by the addiction to video games. But can you do it in real life, yes, you can in a game called paintball where you can get your friends and shoot them with real-life paintballs which don’t hurt much but feel like real weapons. Paintball is getting very famous all over the world and people are getting knowledge about them through television and movies. There is a certain location that you can go to play paintball but today we will be telling you about the equipment that you will need to get a paintball playing field at your home. So, that you can play it anywhere and anytime you like. Apart from the equipment name, we will also tell you how much cost you can expect to pay for the whole process.

Basic equipment

The basic equipment that you will need for playing paintball is the mass, CO2 tanks, and obviously paintball guns. the overall cost that you can expect to pay for all these items is approximately 70 to 100 dollars for 1 pair. You can get as many as you want just multiply the cost.

Pump pack

Pump pack is one of the cheapest equipment for paintball that you can get. In order to get this the overall cost that you will be born will be around 30 to 50 Dollars. You can go to the nearest retailer and ask for a few things like a few 12-gram CO2 canisters, offer a mask in this is slow and small but can surely do the trick.


As it is in the name you will require paint for playing paintball. So, you can get the paint at the professional courses which will cost higher than going to a nearby Walmart and purchasing paint for paintball. The paint can cost you around $30 for 2000 rounds and accordingly.

The air

it doesn’t matter whether you use CO2 or compressed air you will need to refill those tanks and the average cost of refilling the tanks is around $3-$6 and it also depends on the size of a tank

Field fees

If you think that you have the material ready but are looking to play on a professional course then you need to be prepared for paying enough amount of money for that. Although the exact cost will vary from location to location, on average the prices are between 10 to 25 dollars.

Renting the equipment

If you think that you are doing this just for an experiment and for a day or two and think that you cannot buy the equipment, you can just rent them for a temporary basis. The total renting cost for all the pieces of equipment that you will require will be approximately 30 dollars or less which is very less than buying that equipment.

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