Published On: Sun, May 13th, 2018

How Rock Evolved Initially from Its Roots in 1950s – 1960s

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The historical background of rock music is not straight-forward, due to the involvement of different factors. The rise of rock and roll music in 1950s definitely paved the path for the birth of ‘real’ rock as a mature genre of music and more importantly as a culture. There are many styles connected to rock, which are occasionally considered as branches of rock music; but the term ‘real’ rock is referred to the kind of music having all elements of rock music (as were introduced late 1960s, and completed in 1970s).

How Rock Evolved Initially from Its Roots in 1950s - 1960s

In addition to musical significance, rock was introduced as a response to a variety of social problems. Consequently, a new way of thinking was spread among youth led to a new culture in fashion, language, etc. Later, different ideologies results in the formation of various styles of rock.

Musically, rock formed a new framework for the combination of a small group of musicians. In the styles like pop, the duty of all instruments was (and is) to provide a suitable musical environment for the voice of singer, i.e. the most important part of the music.

In rock, all instruments are parts of a united orchestra in favor of the whole composition (somehow with the same importance), and vocal is also treated as another instrument in the whole orchestra of the band. In this musical framework, instrumental songs and instrumental solos by almost every instrument were appeared in rock music, and performing very short or long songs altered the common structure of vocal-centered (pop) music.

First Rock ‘N’ Roll Record

The first credit definitely goes to the rock and roll pioneers of the United States. Bill Haley and his band The Comets performed the first rock and roll song ‘Rock Around The Clock’, which went to the top of chart. This success provided a great opportunity for the progress of this kind of music. Later, Elvis Presley, as a superstar, introduced it to public. Rock obviously has roots in other genres like Blues, Jazz, folk; as rock and roll itself derived from such music genres.

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