Published On: Sun, Nov 29th, 2015


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The iGaming industry has seen a number of factors arise over the past few years which has affected the entire market. Mobile gaming revenue is predicted to be worth around $40 million by 2017 making it the number one gaming platform and the casino industry has embraced this growing mobile-gaming market.

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This high growth market is mostly thanks to the fact that there are more and more smartphone and tablet owners now gaming on their devices. Free-to-play gaming apps have also helped to acquire a larger audience of gamers than ever before and this has meant that online casinos have had to quickly evolve in order to take full advantage of this new potential revenue.

These tech-related developments continue to change the casino industry from an online perspective. And whilst smartphone gaming is as popular as ever there are predictions that as the game developers persist on pushing boundaries and the hardware evolves at a rapid rate it may in fact be the tablet that will see more users utilising for gaming purposes in the future. They’re bigger, faster, provide better-quality graphics and are the perfect gaming accessory.

Along with this prediction that tablet’s will soon become the preferred go-to choice for mobile-gamers it seems that new tablet enclosures are already heading into casinos. These tablet enclosures, and iPad kiosks, are being set up in various casinos and betting shops up and down the country for customers to engage in casino action. This innovative concept is a highly visual feature for casinos to engage with customers whilst also being able to drive further sales without the need for staff participation.

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The kiosks and enclosures are slowly popping up in casinos across Vegas and is a great way to introduce customers and patrons to a whole host of casino-related activities, somewhere they can play a games or learn more about roulette systems. And these self-service machines are already being enjoyed by consumers who have embraced the technology.

Mobile gaming has so much scope for development and now with millions of us owning some form of mobile-based device that can be used to access low-cost and even in some cases free-to-play gaming action at the touch of a button it’s no surprise to see the casino industry freely accepting this gaming evolution.

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