Published On: Sun, Aug 5th, 2018

How Technology Is Changing The Self-Storage Industry

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The self storage industry has seen consistent growth over the past decade. While many people have storage space in their homes, they often need some extra space. Self storage companies provide that space in local areas. Today, technology is changing the way customers store their items. They are using the internet to reach more customers. Moreover, it is changing how these businesses service their customers. If you are in the self storage industry and wantto learn more about the tech advancements and their impact on the self storage industry, keep reading below.

How Technology Is Changing The Self-Storage Industry

Upgrading User Friendly Websites

More than ever, storage companies are investing in the user experience of their websites. They understand that many customers expect to manage their move in and out dates online. It allows them to sell more space, receive payments and promote new offers. On top of that, you can have customers sign leasing agreements right on the website. As long as you use an e-signing service that is legally accepted, a well developed website can save plenty of time and resources. Make sure that the user experience has been updated so that the site will convert more visitors into paying customers.

Moving Storage To The Cloud

Using all the data from the website, self storage companies are implementing software to run from the Microsoft Azure cloud and other similar platforms. This allows decision makers to analyze key metrics, revenues and capacity. In response, software companies are working hard to create custom solutions that are specific to the self storage industry. Many of these applications or programs are run directly from the cloud to take advantage of the scale and power to manage large volumes of data across an enterprise self storage provider. While we can’t move all of our stuff to the cloud yet, all of the software to run a self storagebusiness utilizes cloud technology.

Creating Bidding-Based Pricing

Similar to how companies bid on advertising space, the storage industry is moving towards bidding pricing. When you have over 40,000 customers that are moving in or out every month, a bidding based pricing model allows you to sell inventory or space based on the real time demand. This could change from minute to minute of each day. This shift is mainly dependent on the software and technology used to create real time pricing. Without a strong platform and internet connection, the prices for self storage solutions would rise as well.

Innovating TheSelf Storage Model

Most recently, storage companies have introduced valet storage to their customers. Using advanced technology to track storage bins with barcoded labels, startups like offer on demand storage. Unlike traditional storage solutions, the company will come to your door, pick up items and return them whenever you would like. This gives customers total freedom to store their stuff easily and conveniently. Additionally, it allows storage companies to offer the services at 15% lower cost to the customer. This new type of business model would not be possible without all the automated processes required to manage hundreds or thousands of bins in a single location.

Increasing Security Technology For Storage Services

The technological advancements in security give customers peace of mind that their stuff is kept safely. In some self storage facilities, you can find improved site security that includes internet wireless connectivity, tamper-resistant padlocks and advanced alarm systems. All of these improvements lead to a stronger on-site security for storage companies. Customers can rest assured that their stuff is being kept in a safe location, tracking and monitoring their items from various devices. Since customers have shown a preference to be able to connect with their storage facility security systems, the companies have responded with higher levels of security technology and integration.

As long as people continue to have more stuff than they can store, the storage industry will continue to grow year after year. With the latest technology trends in the industry, the self storage experience is constantly improving. The user experience for managing accounts and signing up is streamlined on user friendly websites. Secondly, the cloud has made it possible for storage companies to run their software at scale for thousands of customers. With the addition of new software and platforms, customers can now bid on real time pricing based on the inventory available. On top of that, storage companies can now offer “on demand” storage services so that their customers to do not have to travel to a specific location. Additionally, the security of storage services is improving because of the advancements in connectivity, locks and alarm systems. These are all great examples of how technology is impacting the self storage industry to drive forth improvement.

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