Published On: Sun, Jan 21st, 2018

How To Build A Strong Website With Wix Code

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A person spending quality time on the Internet has most probably searched the phrase ‘how to make your own website for free’ at least once. It is simple and easy to make your own free website taking the help of online tools or online website builder. As most people are not web designers and do not have a significant (or any) web development budget, making a free website has been simplified by these tools.

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Talking of statistics, every month, more than three million people search the phrase ‘how to make a free website’ on Google. Whether one wishes to design a website as a hobby, a small business website or a website strictly built for making monetary gains, a sequence of steps has to be followed in order to successfully build a free website.

Requisites of making your own free website: a domain name

A domain name represents an organization or an entity on the internet, e.g., when Google is opened in a web browser, the domain name is Generally, a domain name consists of a top level domain name and a second level domain name.

The top level domain name (in the above example, top level domain name is .com), reflects the purpose of the organization. To cite a few examples, “.com” reflects a commercial website, “.info” reflects an informative website and “.biz” reflects a business website. The second level domain name (in the above example, the second level domain name is “Google”), reflects the name of the organization or entity.

Choosing a good domain name for a website

Consider an example where a website built for selling gifts has a domain name business. com. A potential customer wanting to purchase gifts online, is more likely to type “gifts. com” in the address bar of his web browser and will probably never think of business. com. The purpose of the example is to bring out the fact that a domain name must be similar in form to the theme of the website. It would be even better to think of a domain name that precisely matches the name of the website.

Domain names can be as long as 67 characters, so it’s best to avoid abbreviating the domain name. For instance, if the name of a website is “Tips and Tricks for XP,” a domain name like “” would be far more effective than “,” as an Internet user is more likely to search the former. The former also contains keyword terms, thereby improving its search engine performance.

Once a domain name has been chosen, one can go to any domain registrar and register the domain if available. The price varies depending on the registrar and the domain name; “premium” domain names are more expensive. Once the registrar confirms that the domain has been registered, you can go to the next step.

Requisites of making your own website for free: a web host

A web host is a web server provider that offers space to individuals or organizations for hosting their websites. This helps them make their website accessible via the world wide web.

A web host stores all the pages of a website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. When a domain name is entered into the web browser, it points to an IP address and henceforth, the website is loaded into the web browser.

How to choose a good web host for a website

To choose a web host, it is very necessary to find out the needs of the website. If the website is a small, personal, low traffic website, then a free host with small amount of storage and bandwidth, limited features, almost no support for PHP and SQL and poor web statistics would suffice.

Often, for a layman, these services mean nothing at all, but for web designers and webmasters, free host is not the perfect choice. They would like to choose a shared or dedicated host, where they get the freedom to create as many databases and email accounts as they require. These hosts also provide larger bandwidth and more storage capacity.

Designing the web pages of the website

For beginners with almost no knowledge of technologies required to build web pages, designing a website’s web pages can be a tedious and difficult task. It is better to use service providers like Wix to develop a professional looking website. The editing tools of the site smart and allows to visually design the website providing drag and drop options. They allow free web page templates where one simply needs to type in the content to be displayed. They help place widgets on the web pages.

Use Wix to build best website

It is very natural that a beginner may not want to spend money on domain names and web hosts. Some may also want to skip the complexities of a web editor. The Wix code is easy to understand and best website builder that enables user to design a website without concern for the technical aspects of the process.

What one needs to worry about is the content, and the placement of different widgets on the website. The work can be done online.

Making your own website for free is no longer costly with Wix website builder, which provides hosting services and domain names too. It is relatively easier to maintain websites with them.

Note to developer

If you are a developer and are looking ahead to develop your site with Wix, consider using Wix Code, a new product by Wix that is aimed for developers and web designers. Wix Code offers greater capabilities and flexibility when building your website. Below are some of the main Wix Code features in brief to understand:

– Wix offers database creation with unlimited storage
– Easy to collect user input/submissions
– Custom interactions with JavaScript code
– Internal and External APIs

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