Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

How to Choose the Best Guitar Pick Based on Thickness

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When it comes to accessories for guitars, mandolins, basses, and other stringed instruments, picks are often the least expensive. Still, these bits of plastic can’t be taken for granted. As guitar players and other musicians experiment, they’ll notice that a pick’s shape, thickness, and material all come together to determine how it will influence an instruments voice.

Guitar Players Should Experiment With Pick Thickness

Picks come in a variety of thicknesses measured in millimeters. Guitar players and other musicians can choose from thin, medium, thick, and even extra thick picks. The instruments they play, gauge of strings they use, styles of playing, and sound they want will all influence the thickness that best meets their needs.

Thin Guitar Picks–Pros and Cons

Though measurements vary between manufacturers, thin picks are generally less than .6mm thick. These can be effective tools for strumming, but are not the best choice for melody lines.

In terms of plastic picks, the thinner the pick, the thinner the sound. Because of their flexibility, thin picks will also produce a distinctive sound known as “pick noise” as they slap the strings. Some musicians appreciate this sound of a sharp attack as the pick clicks against the string while some prefer to hear only the instrument.

Medium Guitar Picks

Medium picks generally fall somewhere between .6mm and .8mm. These picks will produce a slightly richer tone than the thin plectra.

How to Choose the Best Guitar Pick Based on Thickness

Medium guitar picks are a good stepping stone for progressing musicians who want to work their way to more rigid picks. They can also provide a workable compromise for musicians who prefer the feel of thinner picks but the sound of the thicker ones.

Thick Guitar Picks—Pros and Cons

Picks between .8mm and 1.2mm are classified as thick. Picks in this range produce a fuller, mellower tone. They also offer more attack and control when it comes to fast playing, runs, or tremolo.

While playing a melody line is easier with these thicker picks, strumming takes some getting used to. Jazz players, bass players, mandolin players, and players of electric instruments often gravitate toward the heavier and less flexible picks.

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