Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015

How to Increase the Internal Memory in Android

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Cleaning caches, uninstalling apps can help free up space on Android. However, these methods can only provide temporary solutions. The need of the hour is to know how to increase the internal memory in Android. Clearing caches and junk files can be defined as a daily process for Android users. Here are three effective methods and recommendations that can help increase the internal storage of Android.

Check the LOGS folder in Internal Storage

You need to check the LOGS on both the non-root and root storage folders. This process can have a high impact on how you increase the internal memory in Android. It does not require an external insertion or the mounting of an external SD card. The LOGS folder on Android can pile up many files, and it is important to keep a check on how much space it is occupying. If you find out that the logs folder has grown inexplicably, you can simply delete it without any adverse effects. Obviously, you may as well not remove it if the folder size is insignificant. The same rule applies to the root folder. Are you are suffering from a constant low storage problem and wondering how to free up space on Android? Try rooting your device to fix this problem also other hardware and networking related problem.

Always Clear Junk and Cache Files

This process plays a crucial role in how you increase the internal memory in Android effectively. The regular cleaning of junk files can effectively free up space on Android. These files include CACHE files for most apps, APKs (i.e. Android app installers) that may still be present around on your device, temp files, and folders, etc. There are many applications that can be effectively used for the process of cleaning these files. You can use the Clean Master app as it features a lot of standard and advanced options for junk cleaning purposes. The advanced tab has a unique function that finds and lists the biggest files on your device. You can easily review these files and proceed for an effective cleaning. This process can be helpful in deleting big video files that you might have forgotten to delete after viewing and sharing.

Uninstall Bundled and Non-Used Apps

A new Android phone comes with many bundled applications and majority of pre-installed apps are unused. You can free up space on Android by uninstalling these applications. You can easily remove apps and files by the process of rooting as it helps free up a lot of space on Android. And the best thing is that you can easily go to Google Play and reinstall them if you want them back. Check for the unused apps at least once in a week.

You can also check if your Android suffers from the Bloated Contacts Storage Bug or simply opt for an external card for more storage. These simple tips are handy and will help you know how to increase the internal memory in Android.

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