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How to Know if Hunger is From Low Blood Sugar

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Testing blood sugar with a blood glucose meter is needed to find out whether hunger is a sign of hypoglycemia and diabetes. Other symptoms of hypoglycemia include:

double vision or blurred vision
seizures (uncommon)
unconsciousness (uncommon)

It is important to measure blood sugar right away if hunger is accompanied by any of the above symptoms, as it may be a sign of hypoglycemia and diabetes.

Blood glucose meters can be purchased at any pharmacy or any large retailer such as Walmart and Target. They vary considerably as far as cost. The biggest cost with respect to glucose meters are the test strips. Health insurance may cover part or all of the cost of a glucose meter and test strips for diabetics.

Causes of Low Blood Sugar in Diabetes

Hypoglycemia is a symptom of diabetes. When the pancreas is unable to keep blood sugar from rising too high, it may react by producing too much insulin and cause the blood sugar to run low. Low blood sugar may also occur if a diabetic injects too much insulin or take too much oral diabetes medication. If too much sugar has been expended via exercise without sufficient dietary intake, hypoglycemia may occur.

Testing Blood Sugar Levels With a Glucose Meter

Begin by washing both hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. If the blood sample is contaminated with food residue such as sugar, the blood sugar reading from the glucose meter may be inaccurate.

The next step is to insert a test strip in the blood sugar meter. Then place the lancet (a pen shaped device with a needle) against the skin on one of the fingers and press the button. When the button is pressed on the lancet, it causes a spring action that causes the needle to puncture the skin slightly. A small amount of blood should come out of the puncture site. The amount of pain should be very light.

If there isn’t enough blood for the blood sugar meter, try massaging the finger over warm water to get the blood flowing. If it’s still not enough, adjust the settings of the lancet device to puncture the skin more and use the lancet again on a different finger.

After getting enough blood from a finger, place a sample of blood from the finger on the test strip. Then wait for the blood sugar meter to display the current blood sugar level.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

According to the American Diabetes Association, normal blood sugar levels are between 70 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl. If the blood sugar reading is below 65 mg/dl, the hunger is probably due to low blood sugar rather than actual hunger.

Treatment for Hypoglycemia

If the test indicates hypoglycemia, immediately eat something with sugar such as a candy bar or a glucose tablet. After consuming sugar, wait 15 minutes and then measure the blood sugar again with the glucose meter. If the blood sugar has not returned to normal, consume more sugar and test again until blood glucose returns to normal.

If a person with hypoglycemia is unconscious, get immediate emergency medical treatment. Intravenous glucose or an injection of glucagon may be needed.

Those who have hypoglycemia who have not been diagnosed with diabetes should contact their doctor to see if they have diabetes or other serious diseases that cause low blood sugar. Diabetes is a disease with serious complications, but it can sometimes be well-controlled with diet, exercise, and oral diabetes medications.

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