Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

How To Make iDevice iOS 9 Compatible

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Apple has come up with an operating system that runs simultaneously on iPhone, iPod touch as well as the iPad lineups. The iOS 9 has refined the vision of a mobile computing experience. It is equipped with some outstanding features such as the markup features in Mail app for signing documents and running two apps at the same time on iPad.

The iOS 9 will be made publicly available on September 16, Wednesday, and ahead of it we need to make our devices prepare for it to download and install it immediately when Apple rolls it out. Here, below is the how to guide of it.


If your device is running on iOS 8, or is capable of running iOS 8, you may be able to run the iOS 9. To further check, launch ‘Settings’ app and then tap on ‘General’ and thereafter on ‘About.’ Here you need to look at the Version line.


Routine maintenance is very important and ahead of the iOS 9 arrival you need to perform it on your device. Check the inventory of all the installed apps first and then uninstall all which are not in use for past several months. This will free up space and also declutter the home screen. Also, remove old photos and videos which you don’t need again.


Before updating your device to iOS 9 it is important to take a backup of all the stuff you have. You can take these on the iCloud or iTunes. To do this, first launch the ‘Settings’ app and then tap on the ‘iCloud.’ Scrolling down here will take you to ‘Backup’ option. Tap on it and you will get a ‘Backup Now’ button after a moment. Tap here again and connect your device to Wi-Fi and also to charging.

With iTunes the backup is easy. Launch it and connect your device with the help of a USB cable. In a moment your device icon will appear on the screen, next to other category icons. Select it and check on Encrypt backup box. Of course you need to enter a password and it is done.

September 16

Time to wait for Apple to roll out the iOS 9 mobile operating system. Update it via iTunes or directly on your device. Enjoy.

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