Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

How to Promote Your Newly Launched Mobile App

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Everybody has an app these days. Now that yours is available for purchase, you need to help people understand its value. Why should they select your app over a similar app? How will they even know that your app exists, particularly if there are already a lot of apps competing in your niche? If you want people to buy your app, you’ll have to run an effective promotional campaign.

Selling apps is a lot like selling physical products or services, so you’ll want to take a similar approach. Use the Right App Store Keywords This is paramount. So many people find what they’re looking for through organic search. It only takes a few seconds to read reviews and specs of the first few apps that pop up during a search, and you need to make sure your app is near the top of that list.

When you list your app through Apple or Google Play, make sure your description and tags utilize the strongest keywords in your app’s niche. Create a Video Demo of Your App People need to learn to use your app. If they don’t understand it based on screenshots and your short text descriptions, they may not be tempted to purchase it on a whim. If they don’t like it, that’s money down the drain. Consider posting a video demo of your app that you can include to YouTube.

A short, engaging video that gives people the basics of the app with some promotional information will do the trick. There are plenty of resources to help you create basic video content if that’s not one of your strong suits. Give Your App a Dedicated Website An app website doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler it is, the better luck you’ll have. You’ll want to feature captures of the app in action, links to purchase, and a clear call to action. It also helps to compile reviews and list any press the app has received, even if it’s just your own press release.

It’s easy enough to hire a great web designer through a site like Gumtree, and since an app site is so simple to make, it shouldn’t take you much time to get one up and running. Find People to Review Your App Many tech blogs are eager to review apps. If your app appeals to a certain niche, there’s no doubt that bloggers who write relevant content will find your app interesting. Offer free downloads for your app to people who are willing to write about them. Having those reviews will boost the credibility of your app, mentions on the web will boost your visibility, and potential buyers will have a resource to browse before they decide to make a purchase.

Run a Targeted Ad Campaign Many platforms will allow you to run targeted ad campaigns. Google AdWords and Facebook ads will allow you to identify your target demographic and pay per click. These are two of the most efficient ways of spending advertisement dollars. Just make sure your return on investment is worthwhile.

You may need to narrow down your campaign a little further, or adjust the price of your app to reflect your spending. A little demographic research goes a long way with targeted ad campaigns, so make sure you know who you’re trying to sell to. Remember that apps are susceptible to the trial and error process. If your app launch doesn’t work in your favour, you may want to tweak and relaunch the app based on feedback. It’s a competitive market, so don’t lose hope. Make sure you keep an eye on your competition.

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