Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

How To Retain Customers – Proven Strategies

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Successful businesses are usually those that are able to maximise profits even when global conditions for doing business are not looking positive. Business managers and leaders need to always have in mind that making high profits is only possible through high sales which in turn depend on having a large pool of active customers.

How To Retain Customers - Proven Strategies

In the face of current fierce marketing competition, how to win and retain customers should be a priority in all marketing efforts of business organisations. The following tips are essential for keeping existing customers while attracting new ones.

Good Market Research to Identify Consumer Needs and Perceptions

The first and perhaps the most essential step is doing a market research study to learn more about the needs of potential consumers. The market research study should be aimed at finding out the views of potential consumers on what kind of service delivery and customer care practices they appreciate and enjoy.

In addition, potential consumers may share their experiences on customer satisfaction and disappointments in their previous dealings with service providers and assign brief reasons in either case.

The ultimate aim should be that market research findings provide the needed information for effective advertising and public relations activities as well as helping to have the best marketing strategies in place.

Good Advertising, PR and Marketing

Through market research, the needs and opinions of existing customers and potential ones are known. The next step in the consumer attraction and retention strategy is the use of the research for putting out good ads, good public relations campaigns and effective marketing activities.

The use of different advertising channels is highly recommended as a solution to meeting the challenges of modern marketing. A good PR and/or advertising agency can be recruited for the job.

Key messages in promotional ads should be focused on what consumers say they want and how they would want to be treated. The ads should covey to prospective customers that the right products or services they need are now being offered and under a business environment of quality customer care they deserve. All the ads and marketing campaigns should be guided by the findings of the market research study.

Good Customer Relations for High Sales

The ads and PR campaigns may draw more existing and prospective customers to business offices and shops. However, what is required for business success is not the mere presence of thousands of window shoppers a day but those who will buy a product or patronise a service. This is the time to make use of all the essential information acquired from the market research, for ensuring excellent customer service and care.

Having well-trained marketers is thus essential. The key marketing maxim says: it is always easy to keep an old customer than win a new one and easy to lose a customer than to gain one. Once good customer relations are used to get customers satisfied, efforts should be made to keep them active. Customers can be kept active by listening to their concerns and providing appropriate feedback.

Offering promotions is also a good way of engaging customers and keeping them active. Effective promotional activities may include the use of discount cards, coupons, discounts and sweepstakes, among others.

The use of suggestion boxes may also be useful for gauging customer feelings and perceptions. Data on customer perceptions can be used for modifying marketing techniques in order to meet the needs of customers.

The fundamental principles for attracting and retaining customers for high profits and business success include good market research, effective advertising and marketing activities, and excellent customer relations. When these are done, the ultimate goal of business success can be achieved.

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