Published On: Sun, Apr 9th, 2017

How To Smoothly Transfer A Website From Old Domain To New

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In past few years the real game on the Internet has changed completely. Many new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) have arrived and with this if your website has unnecessary long domain name and that too with hyphens in between, you don’t have to worry further. You now got the opportunity to grab the new gTLDs for your website.

The gTLDs including .agency, .science, .boutique, .plumbing, .tv, .travel, .name, and so on, but the real challenge would be how to correctly transfer a website without negatively affecting the SEO of it.

The first and foremost thing to do after buying a new gTLD is to upload a ‘COMING SOON’ page on it and keep it there for about few weeks. This will help the search engine to crawl an index the new page too. This will enable to know the crawler the site is a real one and just not a parked domain.

How To Smoothly Transfer A Website From Old Domain To New

After few weeks you are ready to transfer your files to the new domain. It is simple to do. The web hosting service provider has the required tools to do it. You just need to log in to your account there and click on Domain Transfer link. If not, contact your web hosting support team either through email or phone. One of the executives will be able to help you out.

After the transfer is complete, you need to redirect the search engines to the new domain from old one. You can either do it through 302 redirect or the 301 redirect.

The 302 informs search engines to make use of the contents on the new domain and also meanwhile not to stop checking the old website to.

The 301 on the other hand refers the search engines the old website has been replaced with a new one. Hence, this is ideal while moving to a new gTLD. Also, ensure that all the pages from old website is redirected to the new website.

Apart from all these, don’t forget to update the backlinks at selected authority sites. Contact webmasters of the related sites and ask them to do so.

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