Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

How to Spot Fake Beats Headphones

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It’s almost difficult to analyze the difference between the original Beats headphones and the counterfeit ones. The authenticity of most of the Beats products has gone for a toss. There are tens of thousands of websites that offer counterfeit Dr. Dre Beats headphones. These portals are spammers, who use false and untraceable IP addresses. By the time you have bought the headphones and realize that the pair isn’t real, the seller is gone with your money.

Counterfeit products and their packaging look flawlessly original, making it difficult to detect visually. However, once you compare them with the original Beats headphones, there are bright chances that you might know the difference. If a website offers a reasonable discount, don’t fall for it. In fact, look for a photo with the actual serial number and other important identifying features. Such counterfeit products break sooner than the buyer promised and don’t come with a warranty. We’ll walk through some essential points that will help you spot the fake Beats overhead headphones.


  • Genuine Beats overhead headphones are designed with premium and top-end materials that offer an outside-the-box listening experience. If the price of the headphones really seems a little above reasonable, then those are the original ones.


  • Remember, Beats by Dr. Dre doesn’t offer low-pricing deals for more than a pair at an affordable price tag. If any website happens to offer such deals, they are not authorized Beats distributors.


  • If you get the Beats overhead headphones in an unprofessional packaging such as no documentation, warranty, manual or box, consider them 100% counterfeit. To ensure its fake status, check whether the shrink wrap on the exterior is tightly packed. This will help you determine the difference.


  • Other signs of counterfeits include misspelled words, damaged packaging, cheap labeling, or unfamiliar markings.

Word of Advice

If suspicions are raised over Beats by Dr. Dre about its authenticity, the following steps will help you know more about them.

  • Get in touch with the seller and return the Beats product for a full refund without giving your personal information to him.
  • Contact the credit card company and request for an immediate reversal of the charges.
  • If bought from an e-retailer, report the fake seller to them.
  • Scan the credit card for any suspicious activity. Such counterfeit product-selling websites are phishing websites that steal personal information.
  • If you are a US citizen, use the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reporting form provided by the FBI.
  • If your Beats overhead headphones are shipped through the US Mail, you can report the seller to the US Postal Inspector.


Major Differences

  • While the fake box has “by Dr. Dre” written on it in gray colour, the real one has white “by Dr. Dre” written on it.
  • Fake box has a gray Monster logo compared to real box’s white logo.
  • There’s no TM logo below “Dr. Dre.”
  • The metal plate with B logo looks shinier than the real one.



In all honesty, the headphones are more or less identical. Even the sound quality will fool you. Nonetheless, this guideline will simply create awareness on how we fall for the fake Beats by Dr. Dre. Follow each and every tip carefully to know the precise difference and save yourself from counterfeit products.


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