Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2019

How to Start a Business While Employed

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Having a great business idea can be motivating and exciting, but if one doesn’t have the start up costs or enough money to grow the business then it’s dead before it begins. Sometimes people have to work at jobs they don’t love to get their businesses off the ground.

Don’t Tell Other Employees about the Business

If someone is starting his own business and wants to quit his job after his business becomes successful, he should think twice about telling coworkers about the business venture. If his boss finds out that he plans to quit in the future, there could be negative repercussions. He could be demoted or fired and not have enough money to support himself and his business idea.

Time Management Skills

Someone thinking about starting her own business while employed should bone up on time management skills. She’ll want to use her free time wisely. This may mean that she wakes up one hour earlier to work on the business and work when she gets home from her full-time job. It’s important to make the most out of the time one has.

Purchase a planner and map out daily goals. For example, someone starting a business might have one specific goal per day such as setting up a blog about the product. All the time set aside for the new business for that day should be spent on the blog. Turn off the phone and get away from all other distractions.

How to Start a Business While Employed

It’s also important that the person focus on her full-time job while she’s there. It can be easy to be consumed by the new business and want to work on it during one’s work hours, but it’s not fair to the employer. Don’t slack on the job. It can lead to someone losing her job or burning bridges that she might need in the future.

Avoid Burnout

Hopefully, when someone starts a business, it’s something that he enjoys doing. If so, it should be a pleasure to work on the new business most of the time. However, even fun tasks such as starting a business can become overwhelming. Remember to schedule family and personal time. Burnout can occur if a person focuses all of her time on her job and not enough time on social activities and herself. When starting a business, it’s understandable that someone would have to put in extra hours, but there has to be a balance between work and play.

New Business Success

Someone starting a new business should not quit his full-time job too soon. Don’t get caught up in fast success. Instead, continue to use time management until success has been demonstrated for a specific period of time. Quitting with no savings and only a month of success is risky. At the beginning of the business venture the person should determine how much he needs to make each month and how much savings he wants to have before quitting. Don’t quit until that goal has been reached.

Starting a successful business while employed can happen if the person utilizes time management skills, avoids burnout and waits to quit his regular job until he’s reached certain success.

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