Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2015

Hugefly Launches Artificial Intelligence Backed Image Search for Online Buyers

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The new search feature to revolutionize the way image search happens on e-commerce platforms

8th December, Pune: Pune-based startup Hugefly Technologies, a leading e-commerce personalization and recommendation platform, has launched a new and intelligent image search feature as a next level solution to better online shopping experiences for thousands of shoppers. This image search feature is backed by artificial intelligence and advanced Natural Language Processing wherein the application understands the context of the searched query and gives extremely relevant results.

Hugefly Launches Artificial Intelligence Backed Image Search for Online Buyers

The integration of this feature in e-commerce platforms would lead to a better and more convenient online shopping experience for thousands of online shopping junkies.

This power-packed ‘Image search feature’, would enable the shoppers to just click the picture of the product they are looking for, be it in a magazine or a newspaper and get the closest and the best suited results for their search, thus saving them the trouble of going through pages after pages online. Needless to say, the software would save e-shoppers a lot of time.

Amit Chaudhari, COO, Hugefly commented, “A major challenge in the NLP is the difference between how humans understand and how computers do. Traditionally, computers require highly structured queries but owing to the Natural Language Processing (NLP), a machine learning algorithm understands the holistic context of the searched query rather than the ordinary keyword matching”.

Started by Dhruv Chaudhari and Amit Chaudhari in January this year, Hugefly Technologies offers a highly proprietary technology-enabled solution to e-commerce companies to help significantly reduce search time on the platform, offer highly relevant and personalized search results across users and create very targeted and customized recommendations on a real-time basis. The target of the company is to provide a 360 suite to search data in B2B sector.

The company raised an undisclosed sum in its angel round of funding last month.

About Hugefly Technologies:

Hugefly Technologies is a leading e-commerce personalization and recommendation platform based out of Pune, India. It works with leading e-commerce companies and offers its clients a highly proprietary technology-enabled solution to create better customer engagement and more targeted shopping experiences across millions of users. Hugefly’s unique advantage lies in its core technology platform.

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