Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

I hired a web designer with UrbanClap and it was totally…!

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Flowers and all things pretty are keepsakes most girls love receiving. At the cost of sounding cliché I too have alwaysloved creative art, pretty things and refreshing scents. Gifting things, big and small is a craft I relish. YetI never really thought of converting my hobby into a full-fledged career, at least, not until recently when I gifted a friend, one of my homemade scented candles packed in fragranced handmade paper.


It was then, when I got instantly noticed by another friend who runs an event management company, and that’s how I started my little gifting and decorations firm that I now run from home.

Though there was substantial growth in a year’s span, I still didn’t have a website to match. As the saying goes – first impressions are lasting impressions. Hence, I soon realized I need a good web designer to push further the growth of my business. However, strapped for time and cash, I was unable to move forward.

In today’s times, we assume Google has all the answers and we aren’t disappointed most of the times. So, I too went online to find the right web designer in Delhi. The umpteen results only added to my confusion. It was then, that I clicked on the UrbanClap advertisement and decided to give it a shot.

The Google search took me to the web designers in Delhi on UrbanClap and I did a thorough research, before downloading their app. Certain videos helped me get a better insight of this marketplace for services and I decided to go for it.

What I needed in my web designer?

Nobody I knew, had tried UrbanClap before, so naturally I realized there were risks involved. I was looking for certain qualities in my web designer and I was surprised that all were met by the brand. Read on to know more about my experience

Marketing tool & high-quality web design:


Since I was looking for business growth through my new site, my preference was finding a web designer in Delhi who has an ability to lay out a strategic online plan. The UrbanClap app worked perfectly helping me specify in advance my goals, hence connecting me to the right kind of web designers. The outcome was a great looking website, also allowing customers to make online purchases. Thus, my website helped me increase my customer base, all thanks to the seamless online interface created by the talented web designer.

SEO optimization

seo monitoring

Developing your own website is a good idea, but unless you are a very well-known brand, not many prospective customers will be aware of your site. Then how do you ensure that users visit the website? Besides marketing via visiting cards and brochures, the other option is search engine optimization or SEO.

Hence while filling in my details while booking a service I requested for the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ as well as the ‘Website Promotion’ option. The app shortlisted for me professionals who were skilled at SEO optimization and web promotion, which helped increase my website’s online presence.

Compatible with several mobile devices


Technology is making all of us lazier than ever before, to the extent that most of us find it more convenient to use our mobile devices instead of switching on the computer. Hence, I needed a website that was responsive and compatible with a broad range of mobile devices. I found a professional web designer who was able to use this technology, hence saving me tons of money in the long run.

Trustworthy & reliable


The best thing about using the UrbanClap app is that they provide professional and verified web designers. The app also allows you to chat with few experts before settling on one. I opted for a web designer who could be reached by a phone call or email. Thus, getting access to the web designers in my vicinity wasn’t all that tough.

Hiring a web designer online also helped me save a lot of time, which I would have otherwise spent searching for a good web designer. All in all, booking services online was a great experience, it was quick and I did not compromise on the quality of the service. So, I hired a web designer with UrbanClap and it was totally awesome!

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