Published On: Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

Improve Students’ Performance With Optimized Lighting Solutions

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The right kind of light can help create an inviting environment, enhance performance and productivity, and improve concentration. Refurbishing existing conventional lighting system with LEDs is a sensible decision because of its added advantages and value-adding factors.

Schools and Educational Institutes are making a switch to LED lighting for its numerous benefits. LEDs provide better lighting quality and improve the study environment for the students. LEDs are also free from hazardous elements like mercury and hence safer than conventional lighting, making them essential for the well-being of young’uns. There are several advantages of switching to LED lights. They are practically maintenance free and produce flicker-free light. Especially in large campuses, these luminaires are preferred because they cut down on operational costs.

It is important that Schools and other Educational Institutes upgrade and optimize their classroom lighting for the welfare of its students and teachers. LEDs offer perfect classroom lighting experience because of the various reasons proven by research.

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• Circadian Rhythm

Light is known to exert influence on the biochemical processes within our body, including the stimulation of our sight and mood. Our internal body clock is affected by environmental cues like sunlight and temperature. LED Lights are easy on the eyes and can help sustain better responsiveness to environmental promptness.

A recent study by NASA shows that LED Lights play a larger biological role and can contribute to regulating our sleep/wake cycles. It can even impact our sleep stages and memory processing. Smart LED Lighting Solutions can help regulate students’ Circadian Rhythms, and assist them to learn, sleep and wake better. This further helps in boosting retention power and increases attentiveness among students.

• The Psychology of Color

Every light source displays a physical characteristic known as the color temperature.

Warmer colorsfeel more relaxing and have lower temperatures (2700K – 3000K). Higher temperatures above 4300K are viewed as cooler colors like blue and white. Studies show that cool white light increases short-term concentration and improves mood disorders. LEDs render accurate color tones.

The quality of light is measured as Color Rendering Index (CRI), and LEDs typically have a higherindex than the conventional light sources. Also, LED lights do not flicker like conventional light sources. While flickering may not seem like much of an issue, working under lights that flicker can cause eye strain and even headaches.

• Lighting Controls

LEDs offer smart lighting solutions. When integrated with intelligent controls they can cut down the electricity bills and avoid unnecessary wastage. Lightingsensors can also detect thepresenceof human elements, to turn the lights on and off accordingly. Smart sensors like eSense | CDA 24 by Wipro can detect the amount of daylight and can light up luminaires to sub-optimum capacity to effectively use the available light. These controls are ideal for educational institutes and not just ensure good lighting experiences for students but also ensure low consumption of energy without having to physically monitor switching times during classroom sessions.

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eSense | CDA 24 by Wipro

Classroom lighting in India

Recent advancements in technologyhave created enormous opportunities for LEDs to be integrated at multiple marketplaces. Classrooms are no different. LEDs are helpingto create a better environment and increase productivity among students.The leading luminaire manufacturers in the country offer LEDs tailored for the educational institutes by factoring in the needs of the students. Wipro Lighting is one such player in the market.Wipro TZ LED | LM35, for instance is designed to meet the needs of classroom lighting. The product is designed to comply with IS 10322 part 5/Sec 1 1987standards, and has a shelf life of around 50,000 hours.

tz led


In addition to the lights, the brand also offers Intelligent Lighting Controls like eSavvy | CPRS 13. It is a detector that detects presence using its advanced passive infrared with switching photocell technology. Smart controls like these ensure energy savings by the educational institutes.


eSavvy | CPRS 13

A suitable environment within the classroom will not just create value for students, teachers, and school; it will also improve grades of the pupils. LEDs are instrumental in creating that environment. So switching to these contemporary luminaires is certainly a great idea.

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