Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

Inroads and Successful Ventures of Solutions-on-Demand Technology

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Recent open-source based technologies, offer ”Solutions-on-Demand” concept to clients, separated by various work platforms. Customization of solutions to fit into organizational architecture, instead of, persuading organization to fit themselves into ready-made solutions, can be defined as Solutions-on-Demand. SOD Technologies augments this phrase perfectly well. It is evident from the fact that, it leads the ADempiere ERP niche. It can boast of being, an organization, which has retained 90% of its clients for more than 7 years. It has proved its mettle in, global scenario, after being chosen for, partnering supporting technology by International Centre for Free and Open-Source-Code or the ICFOSS.
SODTech laid foot into ERP arena, after thorough research and study of solutions, available in market. Study of alternatives to ERP solutions, proved that, during recession, SMEs cannot afford to continue use of licensed software, due to its heavy annual cost for upgrade and maintenance. Also, large scale organizations, opt for alternative ERP solutions at this stage. CEO of SODTech, Faizal M Khalid, states that, a comprehensive study was done to assert that, ADempiere was a perfect match for needs of large and small organizations. It is evident from list of clients served, which includes, Axis Bank, Spices Board, India,  Finest Group, Ugachick, McDonald’s, Star Giga, Central Asian Mining Services,  Spark Meditech, MTN, Centenary Bank, Finest Superstore, Intel, Stanbic Bank, Gemalto, Sharjah Media Corporation, Dubai World Central, etc to name of few.
Carving a Niche in e-Governance
e-Governance offers a futuristic vision to governing a country, and ERP solutions that integrate information systems, form the crux of this scenario. SODTech’s ERP solutions have found its way into government sectors like Spices Board India, where, information integration plays a major role in e-governance. Partnership with ICFOSS has only strengthened SODTech to offer secure iDempiere ERP management software. Integrating accounting schema, with subsidy management system was hurdle which SODTech overcame for Spices Board India. Re-engineering of  accounting applications which allows for, perfect utilization of accounting data dimensions, so that value added reports are generated, permitted, such an integration. iDempiere, being integrated with SBT and Axis Bank, optimized payment approval, tracking and acknowledgment easily. SODTech has also implemented ATHER for Oman government, which encourages citizen government interaction, via socio-cultural platform.
Acing Mobile app platform
SOD Technologies Pvt Ltd has displayed its fortitude by entering, mobile money scenario, through its, novel web-based apps for smart devices. Tablets, smartphones and handheld devices can run these apps easily. Clients list for mobile apps includes Intel, MTN Telecom, Unveyl Singapore and Middle east. SODTech aims to, venture into enterprise-mobility platforms, which offers easier module integration.
Error-Free Solutions Retain Clients
Right from its inception, SOD Technologies Pvt Ltd enjoyed global reach, due to its association with UROGULF group of companies. Its foray into international market earned clients in, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, UK, and the US, integrating different work fields, like internet manufacturing, retail chain, product engineering, banking, etc. It serves its list of clients, with the help of 165 office desks, supported by more than, 1500 resources. Processes and applications developed by SODTEch are ingenious, besides connecting people and technology. It offers streamlined operations, which can be optimized to, suit to customer needs, thereby retaining customer focus, and loyalty.


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