Published On: Tue, Jan 28th, 2020

Insurance Agents Marketing Tips

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Some initial research and planning guarantees the success of a small business marketing and PR plan. Checks and balances make sure that promotional programs are effective, targeted and compliant with any applicable regulations. Creating a small business marketing and PR calendar helps companies stay on track with goals and objectives.

Small Business Marketing Plan Tactics

Some tips to follow while planning targeted marketing tactics for an insurance agency:

Insurance agencies must follow FTC regulations related to email blasts;
Research statutory regulations related to creating targeted marketing materials;
Track marketing program results with response codes;
Include the agency principal and a few others in a direct mail marketing plan to ensure materials are timely and accurate.
Develop preference-based messaging for email blasts sent by the insurance agency and pinpoint customer needs with targeted marketing messages that really grab their attention.

Insurance Agency Marketing Calendar

Create a small business marketing and PR calendar that outlines insurance agency marketing tactics. An effective PR calendar has prioritized deliverables and clearly explains roles, responsibilities and deadlines. The small business PR and marketing campaign calendar includes:

Outline the initiatives for insurance marketing and PR objectives. “Market new product offerings to customers.”
Tactics like email blasts, brochures and direct mail for each of the insurance agency’s initiatives should be in the marketing and PR calendar. Include a brief description of each tactic. “Send targeted marketing email blasts to customers.”
Identify the audience for each small business PR and marketing initiative. “New Prospects, Current Customers and Business Partners.”
Include deliverable dates for every strategy in the marketing and PR calendar.
Resources needed to execute the insurance agency’s marketing campaign should also be outlined in the calendar. “Marketing Manager, Client Services Manager and President must review and approve email blasts.”

Small Business Public Relations Tips

Insurance Agents Marketing Tips

Get ahead of deliverable dates in the insurance agency’s PR and marketing calendar. Back out promotional opportunities by a minimum of six weeks. If the insurance agency has a small business marketing campaign that begins on October 8th, by mid-August budget, resources and other associated campaign needs should be agreed upon. The bigger the promotion, the more time will be needed to market the insurance agency. Include the six week planning period in the PR calendar, so everyone knows when it’s time to start working on public relations opportunities.

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