Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2016

Interesting Facts About Evaluation Of Slot Machines

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The initial phases in the development of slot machines used revolving mechanical reels for displaying and determining results. First five reels were used and those were simpler than what we have been seeing in later stages.

However, in the journey three reel machines became the standard quickly but such slot machines had limitations as the number of combinations was only cubic.

Electronics were incorporated into slot machines in 1980s by the manufacturers. In 1984 a device titled “Electronic Gaming Device Utilizing a Random Number Generator for Selecting the Reel Stop Positions” was patented by Inge Telnaes. Later the patent was bought by International Game Technology.

Interesting Facts About Evaluation Of Slot Machines

In the three reel machines only 10 symbols on each reel was possible making the combinations to be 1,000 only. This limited to offer large jackpots. It made the machined very high risk as well as boring too sometimes for many. Later the symbols increased to 22 and this allowed the combinations to increase to 10,000. This too seemed to be offering limited jackpot sizes.

Eventually the virtual reel increased to 256 virtual stops per reel and this allowed the combinations to 16,777,216.

Recent upgrade is video slot machine that displays graphical representation instead of moving parts. Manufacturers are able to offer more interactive elements as gamers play it on a computer or video game machines connected to Internet. The new innovation also helps gamers to play multiple lines. This has further given rise to more winning possibilities and to more spending possibilities too. Lately it has been seen even millionaires spend millions playing slots online with guts.

The best part of playing slot machines online is that is it programmed for payout of up to 98 percent of the money. The minimum payout is 75 percent in Nevada, 80 percent in Mississippi and 83 percent in New Jersey.

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