Published On: Sat, Nov 28th, 2015

Internet Betting Boom: Are We Still In For It?

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For the last several years, the market of Internet betting services has grown rapidly. For the first sight, it may seem that this industry has reached its peak. However, the facts say that the boom of online betting services is still ahead.

Wayne Parry, the journalist from Associated Press, also thinks that the online gambling boom still hasn’t arrived. Why today is still not the peak of Internet betting development? First of all, the companies are still not ready for this. For example, in the USA, only three states of all – New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada – have legalized this sphere.

The statistics in those states shows slow but steady growth in popularity of the newly legalized Internet betting resources. Why is it slow? Surprisingly, banks are frequently main obstacles for the flawless gaming experience. High percent of transaction declines (up to 38% in Visa card system) is the main thing that discourages people from online betting. However, Paypal has just agreed to participate in this system, so this main problem is soon to disappear.

Other countries are working hard on developing this field. For example, owners of betting websites in Sweden quickly understood that co-operation is always much more effective than individual development. That’s why on November 9, 2015 Swedish gambling association has joined European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), Europe’s leading online gaming and betting association. Undoubtedly, that will result not only in easier functioning of the Swedish betting services, but benefit their users in terms of quicker development, better betting options and easier banking processes.

What is more, the sign that the Internet betting services are far from the paramount of their success is the fact that today the market is still growing quickly, making those services continually get better. The businesses that don’t use latest trends nor newest technologies, are quickly going out of market. That’s why many of them are developing not only apps for mobile devices, but even for wearables, like smart watches or smart glasses.

To crown it all, Internet users gradually understand that Internet facilities are much more convenient than the offline betting places. Apart from the fact that such services can be accessed from everywhere, they feature a wide range of other benefits. For example, certified online betting services are proved to be reliable and transparent, as they are audited and certified by the third-party companies on a regular basis.

Then, such services offer multiple deposit and withdrawal options, usually ranging from 10 to 20 and more, depending on the betting company. The most interesting part for the players is that Internet betting services often give out welcome bonuses which reach up to $1000, which is never done by offline businesses in this sphere.

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