Published On: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

Is the Truth about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Being Covered?

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The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 aircraft is still on. At least, that is what the public seems to be aware of. But is the search really still going on or is the aircraft has already been found? After all, it has been months ever since the plane went missing and it is ironic that there is still no word on the whereabouts of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane that was bound for Beijing, China. Is it true that those involved in the search for the missing aircraft still can’t pinpoint its location? Well, perhaps this is not the case any longer.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

A media report published on Friday, September 12, 2014, suggests that a police officer in Indonesia with a high rank in the department actually knows the true fate of the missing Malaysian Aircraft, which departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 8, 2014. It is said that the high rank police officer from Indonesia has become aware of the situation thanks to his Malaysian counterpart. Later on, the Indonesian police officer in question has been identified to be General Police Sutarman. The news about this Indonesian police officer being aware of what has actually happened to the MH370 was first published by Kompas, an Indonesian news site, for public consumption. On the site, Sutarman claims that he had spoken to Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, the chief of the Malaysian police department. Thanks to his dialogue with the Malaysian police chief, Sutarman claims that he has come to know about what is really happening to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. It is believed that the dialogue took place in a private meeting which involved Lion Air executives as well as law enforcement officials. Lion Air, by the way, is one of the airline companies from Indonesia.


Nevertheless, Aby Nursetyanto, a spokesperson for the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, has denied what Sutarman said. As a matter of fact, Nursetyanto even threatens Sutarman and Kompas that the government of Indonesia can actually file a legal lawsuit against Sutarman for what he says and the Kompas reporter that was in charge of the report that is now accessible by the public. As it turns out, Aby Nursetyanto is not the only person that disapproves with the claim made by Sutarman.


Besides Nursetyanto, the inspector general of the Malaysian police department, which happens to be Tan Sri Kalid Abu Bakart, also denies the report published on the official site of Kompas, an Indonesian newspaper company. Abu Bakart claims that he is very shocked by what is mentioned in the report. Abu Bakart has even made a plan to set things right with Sutarman and that he demands to find out when the report was actually published and what media in the world that could actually publish such a report.

Nonetheless, regardless of all the denials, the report published on the Kompas site has even further encouraged people to think about the probability that the authorities are actually trying to cover up the fact in respect to the fate of the missing Boeing 777-200 plane, which has now been gone for no less than six months altogether. There are actually a number of people that believe in such a speculation. To make things even worse, a similar statement also surfaced last week. The statement came from Sarah Bajc, who said that something was being covered up. Just for information, the woman in question is actually the spouse of Philip Wood, one of the three American passengers that decided to board the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 aircraft.

In the statement made by Sarah Bajc, it is going to be impossible to ever find the missing plane if no change is made in regards to the teams that are being held in charge of pinpointing the location of the missing plane. Bajc claims that the current investigation teams are actively interfering with the investigation result, although she is not sure what is actually not being unveiled to the general public.

Sutarman, on the other hand, has been refusing to make any further comment in regards to what he knows about the fate of the missing plane, as well as the fate of the crews and the 239 passengers aboard the tragedy-bound plane.

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