Published On: Sun, Jan 5th, 2020

Itinerary for a Week in Slovakia

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Slovakia isn’t the country on everybody’s tongue, but that’s part of the beauty. Overshadowed by its big brother the Czech Republic or overlooked in favor of southern neighbor Hungary, Slovakia is actually a fabulous country to tour around for a week or so.

Starting Out in Bratislava

The capital city of Bratislava is as good a place to start as any. It’s convenient to reach, being just an hour east of Vienna, and is also on the main routes between Prague and Budapest. Spend at least two days in Bratislava, seeing both the city sights and some spots slightly outside the center, like the Devin Castle ruins. Cruise the Danube and try to get some tickets to a ballet or opera in the beautiful National Theatre building.

Explore Central Slovakia

Whether you travel by train or hire a car, there are a number of interesting towns to visit in the middle of Slovakia. Just a few hours out of Bratislava you could visit the fairytale Bojnice Castle, home to all kinds of interesting ghosts and stories. If you then head across the northern route, you can take in the Vysoke Tatra or High Tatras, a mountain range on the border with Poland. Base yourself in Poprad and then take a hiking or skiing day trip into the Tatras, depending on the season.

The Towns of Eastern Slovakia

Head further east and you’ll come across two main towns in eastern Slovakia, Kosice and Presov. Kosice is the larger of the two and has a pleasant old town, and feels something like a small version of Bratislava. Both have interesting museums and restaurants to try out. Just north of Presov is Bardejov, a great example of a medieval town, or you can head further east towards the Ukrainian border and into mountains home to the Rusin culture.

Completing the Circuit Through Southern Slovakia

Itinerary for a Week in Slovakia

The southern parts of Slovakia are perhaps among the least visited, and the road and train connections here are not as convenient, but there are still some interesting towns and villages to visit. Many of the towns along the southern border, like Lucenec and Komarno, have a very strong Hungarian influence, and you might feel like you’ve crossed the border already.

Wherever you head in Slovakia, make sure you have a good guide book and also constantly ask for information if you find a tourist office. Slovakia’s still a bit of a hidden wonderland and you can find some real sightseeing gems if you dig deep.

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