Published On: Tue, May 9th, 2017

Job Interview: How To Prepare Differently (Part I)

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Usually job seekers prepare the same way for an interview as most of them do like rehearse common questions’ answers, be polite to the receptionist and more. However, here are some tips which are necessary to nail an interview and very few candidates actually take a look to all these. Take a smart look to the below guidelines:

Read what interviewers read

Interviewers too prepare themselves before taking an interview and they too read the same materials which the candidates read like how to shine in an interview, how to negotiate on salary and some more tips on answering tricky questions.

Job Interview- How To Prepare Differently

Well, the interviewer does not try to read about interviewing from other side of the desk. It is suggested to read such materials that are exclusively designed for interviewers such as information for how to conduct an interview effectively and some more advices including how to interpret various types of answers, what to ask references and so on.

With such materials you can understand better on what are cared and what are not by the interviewers and what they are in fact looking into conversations. You will also understand how the interviewers are approaching to the entire process.

It is usually suggested to role-play an interview with the help of a friend or even with the support of a family member. This will be a good practice in answering and getting more comfortable in the situation.

This practice is helpful, but it is also suggested to change position in role-play. You become interviewer and see what you learn from other side of the conversation. You will understand which answers are impressive and which are not.

Job Interview: How To Prepare Differently (Part II)

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