Published On: Fri, Nov 10th, 2017

Know the Storyline of Online Rummy

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Today, India is one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the world. The increasing smartphone user base and the extensive penetration of internet in the country have been responsible for the rapid growth of the gaming industry. It’s hard to believe that couple of decades the scenario was quite different and beyond anyone’s imagination too. Perhaps, people never imagined that internet would grow this big and impact our lives so much.

Social card games like Poker and online rummy games continue to entertain players with their online versions. Rummy which is a very India-centric game has found resurgence in its popularity with more and more players playing the online rummy.

Growth indicators apart, it is indeed interesting to know the facts that have propelled the growth of online rummy in the country.

Know the Storyline of Online Rummy

The early years – Story beginning

Way back in the late 90’s when companies like Dhruva Interactive and Indiagames started operations by developing and publishing games, little did we imagine that an industry with around 25 companies in 2010 would leapfrog to more than 250 companies by 2015. In the early years, the industry witnessed the kick-start of operations by companies that provided game developing services to foreign gaming companies. Over the years, the industry has witnessed phenomenal growth and pegged at USD 890 million in size by Nasscom with a Y-o-Y growth rate of 30%.

Online rummy- story of rapid growth

Rummy is a very popular game played across the country. A common feature in any Indian social gathering that, rummy has been a game enjoyed by all. The online version of rummy provides a hassle-free gaming experience with players enjoying the freedom to play anytime. The increase in the number of PC users and a substantial part of this segment being domestic users has led to the growth of online rummy games. Also, the smartphone user base is expanding at a fast pace too.

With affordable smartphones making an entry into the market, the need for mobile compatible online games has grown. As the smartphone gamers are rapidly increasing as well, gaming companies are encouraged to develop 24×7 rummy games that are compatible with smartphones too. The ease to play anywhere anytime and with options to make online payments and in-app purchases, the popularity of online rummy is skyrocketing.

Future – the story ahead

The growth of games like 24x7rummy is attributed to the fact that there is an increasing demand for India-centric games in the gaming market. Online Rummy games and Teen Patti seems to be the hot favourites among the gaming community here. Rummy portals, on the other hand, are deploying the latest technology in order to give an exciting gaming experience to their users. From being a game of choice at get-togethers and festivals, online rummy has come a long way. The journey ahead assures impressive growth and provides an enhanced user experience.


Games like online rummy are here to stay; with superior gaming features, secure payment gateways, and impressive customer support teams, players get to enjoy the game even more in the days to come.

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