Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

Major mattress scams and how to avoid them

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Purchasing a mattress can be very challenging. There are scams that mattress sellers use in their stores from time to time. This however does not imply that you cannot find a mattress that you need at a reasonable price but the probability of getting the best mattress at a good price will increase if you are aware of the scams being used.
One major scam is the ever changing name. Mattress sellers use this to prevent shoppers from comparing mattresses.

Major mattress scams and how to avoid them

The deal is, when mattresses from a certain brand are manufactured, the manufacturers indicate different names on the same mattress which is taken to different retailers. Now when you are buying a mattress from a certain dealer, you discover that you cannot comparison shop that same mattress with other dealers. In that if one mattress dealer has the exact same mattress; it will be having a different name and even a different cover as well.

The changing name trick on mattresses protects each mattress retailer and lets them sell personalized mattresses as better than all other similar mattresses from their competitors. And since its name is different, the buyer will never know.

The main thing you must have in mind when buying a mattress is that the outside is not important. Ensure you make an educated purchase based on what is contained in the mattress. You must also consider things like the warranty, the return policy and the reviews you see online.

Another major mattress scam is the mystery of components. Now that you understand how the mattress name scam works, you need to focus on the quality of the components that form the mattress. Carry out a research about coil count, good quality foam layers and others. Once you learn about the various mattress components you will discover that most new mattress companies with sparkle names are selling the same mattress with different gimmicks.

You should avoid doing business with such companies. Look for decent companies like that has been in operation for a while. In such a company, you can get proper guidance in selecting the type of mattress that will suit you. But in these other petty companies, you will find a bunch of mattresses for instance you may ask them about the type of foam that is used on certain mattress and they will tell you that it is “medical grade foam” something that does not even exist. Also be wary of some terms such as “recommended by chiropractors” as such involves paying a practitioner to parrot anything that the petty mattress company wants him to say.

Comfort is another mattress scam. If you succeed in getting details about the mattress construction, the next thing you have to do is lie on each mattress to determine the most comfortable one. But here again, the mattress sellers are far ahead of you. You will find that the comfort you feel when lying on the mattress when testing it at the store is different from the comfort you will feel when you lie on the same mattress at home. This is so because some manufacturers use a comfort material on top of a mattress to make it feel comfy and luxurious.

Once you buy such a mattress that contains an added comfort layer, it won’t last for long. That comfort layer will break after a short time and you will be forced to start looking for another new mattress.

The only solution to this is making sure that company you buy a mattress from has a money back guarantee. With this, you can be at peace knowing that if the mattress is going to break down after few days you will receive compensation.

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