Published On: Wed, Apr 26th, 2017

Make Your Business Smarter by Using These Software

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Your business can perform better if it were smarter. It’s not enough that you the business owner or manager are smart. The business itself should also have its inherent “smartness.” In particular, if you are using computers, it does not make not having the following software:

1. Accounting Software

If you are running a business, it’s close to impossible not needing an accounting software. Make sure that you are efficiently and accurately handling the financial aspects of your business by investing in a good accounting software. A good accounting software, by the way, is something that helps ensure the compliance of your financial records and reports. It should ascertain that your company’s financial records are accurate and timely. Preferably, the accounting software you use should be flexible, scalable, and compatible (can be integrated) with other business software you are already using.

2. Workflow/Project Management

An integrated project management software, when applicable, is recommended for businesses. Of course, you don’t have to get a project management platform if your business operation is simply about trading or retailing. A simple workflow management tool may already be enough to organize and monitor your business processes. You will need a project management software if your company is routinely doing projects that involve a wide range of sub-processes. This software simplifies, clarifies, and organizes everything that needs to be done—from lead management to job management, client management, job costing, document management, time tracking, and invoicing. Even better, you can find project management software that can be integrated with other business software or that come with add-on apps.


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3. Collaboration Software

A smart business is one wherein everybody is able to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Everyone in the company should be able to present and discuss ideas using a platform that provides all the necessary facilities to nurture excellent ideas or allow everyone to contribute to the conceptualization of a brilliant product.

Collaboration software tools, the web-based ones in particular, also remove geographical barriers. With them, it becomes easier for everyone in the company to meet and plan or discuss activities or projects regardless of time and place. Collaboration software does not only enable communication. It allows everyone to work on something as if they are in the same location.

4. Mobile Remote Access

This does not have to be a standalone mobile device remote access app like SoonR. The idea here is simply being able to access your business data and resources on the go. It could be something like the web-based or browser-based interface of your accounting software, CRM, or project management software. The point is that with the kind of technology available at present, it’s very much possible to work on the go. Managers and employees alike can access business information and tools through mobile devices. You just have to make sure that you properly secure the apps and connections you are using.

5. Ecommerce Software

Not exploiting the online market is an extremely unwise business move. As much as possible, companies should be venture into ecommerce, unless the nature of their business is not viable to be offered or handled online. Ecommerce software makes for a smarter business as it opens new opportunities and generally enables a less expensive way of offering goods and services. Yes, it’s possible to sell online without an ecommerce software (through social media or online marketplaces) but everything will certainly be easier and more efficient with an ecommerce software utilized.

6. Office Suite

No office with computers should not have an office suite. This is not just about the word processor and spreadsheet. The less commonly used programs in the suite also have their uses in your business. You may not realize it but the presentation, flowchart/diagramming tool, or the image/graphics editing software tools in an office suite can also be useful in your business. You will never know when you will be needing them. It’s not necessary to spend for an office suite, though. Nowadays, you can easily find freeware alternatives. These free alternatives usually can produce files in formats that are compatible with the files created by more commonly used office software.

Security Suite

What could be dumber than a business that uses computers and does not have a security suite? It is very important to defend your computers or system from the threats posed by viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware, and other malicious software. Enterprise level protection is not going to be cheap but it’s going to cost you more if you lose files or if your sensitive files are exposed because you failed to secure your computers with adequate antivirus or antimalware protection.

Backup and Recovery Software

To protect business data from getting wiped out by an accident or by concerted cyberattacks, it only makes sense investing in a backup and recovery software. While most operating systems already come with backup and recovery features, it’s still worth emphasizing their use or trying other options, especially those that create cloud-based backups.


These are just a few of the business software you can use to make your business smarter. You are likely going to find a few others that will address specific needs in your business. The basic ones mentioned and described above, though, should serve as a guide to the different software that can materially help in improving the way you run your business.

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