Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2019

Malaysia bans Islamic preacher Zakir Naik from giving speeches

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Malaysian government banned Islamic preacher Zakir Naik from giving speeches citing interests of national security. His speech is alleged to be provoking and breaching of peace with remarks about Chinese and Hindu communities living in the country.

Zakir Naik is also wanted by India for his hate inflammatory speeches that incited extremism in the country.

Police Head of Corporate Communications Datuk Asmawati said, “Yes. Such an order has been given to all police contingents, and this was done in the interest of national security and to preserve racial harmony.”

Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country and earlier this month he said Hindus in the country are enjoying “100 times” more rights than Muslims living in India. Similarly, his remarks against Chinese Malaysian community were inflammatory.

However, following interrogation by police Zakir Naik apologized for his comments today saying those were out of context.

In a statement the 53-year-old said, “It was never my intention to upset any individual or community… It is against the basic tenets of Islam, and I would like to convey my heartfelt apologies for this misunderstanding.”

Malaysia bans Islamic preacher Zakir Naik from giving speeches

The previous government of Malaysia had granted permanent residency to Zakir Naik. Three years ago he fled from India. His speeches are usually controversial and once he labeled the 9/11 terror attacks by Al-Qaeda as an “inside job”.

India made a formal request in July 2018 to Malaysia seeking extradition of Zakir Naik. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir turned down it saying it won’t be implemented “as long as he is not creating any problem”.

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