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Master All Four Types Of Essay Writing

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For most of the kids essay writing has always been a nightmare. And to many it appears to be an overwhelming task as it requires lot of understanding and patience to pen down a good essay. Essay writing rules could differ according to the situation and to resist yourself from getting confused, you need to understand the techniques and rules of four basic types of essays.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are informative essays regarding any theme, issue or event. The key point is to write your observation and feedback about any issue. For instance, your reaction to an event or feedback about any literature work. You can also write your personal response about any political event, football game, emerging technologies, world event and so on, through expository essay.

As you would be willing to keep your readers entertained, so you must start with a research question or with a thesis statement or with a statement of intent. And don’t forget to answer your questions. Provide facts, evidence and reasoning to back up what you are saying. Be precise and do not wander from the topic.

Argumentative Essay

The main objective of argumentative essay is to show that your views regarding any statement, event, theory or hypothesis is more veracious and truthful than others. Here you need to prove and argue for your assertion and opinions as opposite to others. Choose a topic you can support with strong evidence and facts. Before starting, list down all the possible pros and cons of the topic. Structure your approach. Prepare yourself, do the homework and research well on the topic so that you come up with convincing evidence.

Don’t overdo by keep repeating the same points. Just one topic one paragraph. Finish up with a strong conclusion. If it is your first time, then do read sample argumentative essays on web and you can even go for Argumentative Essay Help online for better approach.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is similar to argumentative essay. Here you will be exploring a topic, talking about all the relevant key points. But your persuasive essay will focus on your opinions regarding the topic itself and tries to persuade a reader to adopt your point of view.

Go beyond your own knowledge, meet and interview people who are experts in our topic. Analyze the targeted audience, is your work appealing and convincing to them. Understand the opposite viewpoint and counter it by providing effective and contrasting evidences. Support your opinion and beliefs with evidences that must appeal to reason.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are all about narrating some sort of a story. They could be of two types, one in which you describe your personal experience/ stories and other, having a book reports. Narrative essays are easier said than done. You need to use all your senses to narrate a story, to keep your audience glued and involved. Describing thoughts, feelings and emotions play a key role here. Try to paint a picture of your storyline into the readers mind and it will help them connect to you at an emotional level and understand your aim of writing that essay more precisely.


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