Published On: Fri, Feb 27th, 2015

Micromax LED Television – The New Age TV

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If you have been wondering to buy an LED television for long, then your wait is over. There are some fantastic LED televisions that have been introduced in the market in the recent months. Among the big brands, you will find that there is a huge cost tag attached as well. On the other hand there are some new entrants like Micromax that have created a wave in the LED television segment. When Micromax launched its LED television last year, everyone was shocked. This reaction was mainly because of the fact that people associated Micromax with the smart phone product only. Many people were really excited with the kind of features and specifications that Micromax bought to the living room. The Micromax LED television provides best value for the price and most importantly, they have a long shelf life as well. The 42 inch LED television from Micromax is the most selling LED television amongst its wide range of models. For the price of approximately Rs. 49,000, this television surely raises some eyebrows. If you do your research well and compare LED TV prices in India from the various online retailers, you may also get this LED television for somewhere around 40,000. When you compare the costs of other popular LED television brands, you will find that Micromax LED television is just a few thousands lesser than the popular brands like Sony, LG and Samsung. When you stand in front of the Micromax LED television reassures you of the best quality from the home of Micromax. Although this television offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080, there is almost zero up scaling. The design of the television is fairly slim, but it is not the slimmest in this range. There is a piano black finish on the television, which makes it a beautiful adornment for the living room. The Micromax LED television is quite sturdy at the base, but when you shake it, you may find quite a bit of a wobble. There is a good 45 degree of pan, so you can move the Micromax LED television at some good angles. This television has a refresh of only 100 hertz and the response time of 6 milliseconds, many of the viewers may not enjoy gaming on this television. The picture quality is pretty average, but you will not get disappointed when you are watching your favourite movies. If you are watching HD videos, you will surely enjoy the colour reproduction of the television. Along with the Micromax LED television, you will get a nice remote control that will allow you to navigate through the menu systems. There is a direct access to USB, so, you can play your favourite movies or other media. If you load a movie on to the USB pen drive, then you can directly watch it from the pen drive. The picture controls are not different from the other LED television sets of this category and you will not find the need for any more customization.  When you check out the LED TV Prices in India, you will find that the the Micromax LED television is really cheap.

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