Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2016

Microsoft Developing More Powerful Xbox Than PS4, PS4 Neo: Rumor

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It is lately speculated the upgraded Xbox One from the stable of Microsoft will be more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Neo as well.

Polygon writes citing a purported anonymous insider that the next Xbox gaming console is to run at 6 teraflops, which means four-fold computational upgrade over the standard Xbox One. This also means to be thrice faster than the PS4.

The next Xbox console is believed to be codenamed as Scorpio.

However, earlier reports also claim the upcoming PlayStation to run just above 4.1 teraflops.

Microsoft Developing More Powerful Xbox Than PS4, PS4 Neo- Rumor

The next PlayStation is believed to be either named as PS4.5 or PS4K.

If the Xbox rumor turns to be true, it means Microsoft wants to come out of the three-year hardware handicap against the PS4.

It is not to forget Sony claims to have sold 40 million PS4 units in past two and a half years.

Gamespot writes Microsoft has not yet responded to their requests on the new rumor for their upcoming Xbox console.

Share your own views whether the rumor may turn true and Microsoft is building up a more powerful machine than Sony with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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