Published On: Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

Microsoft Office Finally Comes to Apple Products

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For those who use the Apple products, they have been left in the dark by Microsoft for quite a long time when it comes to using the Microsoft Office suite on their Apple devices. Now, however, the software giant has finally decided to make its Microsoft Office suite available even on such a device as the iPad from Apple.

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced that users of the iPad devices would finally be able to use its Excel, PowerPoint and Word programs. The announcement was made by Satya Nadella, the current chief executive for the company. According to Nadella, the software giant is determined to make its Microsoft Office suite available on pretty much all computing devices, including the ones that are made by its rivals in the tech industry. With that being said, people can expect to use the programs from Microsoft on devices that run not only the iOS but also the Android operating system. It seems that the era of exclusivity of the Microsoft Office suite for the Windows OS has come to its end.

However, some market analysts are skeptical about this decision by Microsoft. They believe that the company has actually waited for far too long to make its very famous Office suite available to the public users who do not use the Windows OS. As a result, this has given the advantage to Apple’s rival companies. After all, there have also been some open-source applications similar to Office. The Libre Office suite is one good example to start with.

Nevertheless, this move by Microsoft may also receive a huge and warm welcome from an enormous number of computer users out there. The initiative to start making the Microsoft Office suite available even on devices produced by Microsoft’s rivals in the tech industry has come from Satya Nadella himself. The decision comes when Nadella enters his 52nd day as the new chief executive at Microsoft. This decision, however, is totally against that of the Steven A. Ballmer. The latter was the previous chief executive officer at Microsoft.


According to reports, Ballmer is more of a Windows person, he is so proud of Windows and often praises this particular operating system a lot. However, Satya Nadella seems to be a completely different person, an humbler one, to say the least. Nadella is quite determined that the company he is working for, Microsoft, will be better off trying to provide its applications wherever the customers may need them to be available at. With that being said, there are more than enough reasons why the Microsoft Office suite should be available even on non-Microsoft devices as well.


For that purpose, Nadella has even been trying to build a better relationship with Apple. On Twitter, Nadella has been making some friendly exchanges with the very person who is currently at the helmet of Apple, Inc., Timothy D. Cook, or the person better known simply as Tim Cook. It can be seen that Tim Cook is warmly welcoming the arrival of the long-awaited Microsoft Office suite to Apple’s devices. As a matter of fact, Tim Cook even mentions that he is very excited in terms of bringing the miracles that the Microsoft Office suite can offer to Apple’s loyal customers.


Still, though, there are not few critics out there who do not seem too pleased about Microsoft’s decision. According to these critics, Microsoft should have made such a move a long time ago, instead of waiting for so long that there have even been close to 200 million units of the iPad sold before actually making the Microsoft Office suite available to the iOS platform. After all, according to these critics, iPad users have been more accustomed to applications like the iWorks from Apple itself, Haiku Deck, Quip and the Ever note.

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