Published On: Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

Mixed Response To Steve Jobs Movie’s Second Trailer

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Second official trailer of the movie Steve Jobs has just released and there is a mixed response to. However, the role of Michael Fassbender as Apple founder has been universally praised, and probably he may eye on the Oscars. Well, time will suggest and need to wait till then.

From the short trailer several up and downs of Apple founder Steve Jobs can be seen. He was in challenging situation when the development of Apple Mac computer was in progress.

Mixed Response To Steve Jobs Movie's Second Trailer

In one scene Jobs daughter and wife were seen unimpressed with the creation. They were heard saying what people will do with the Apple Mac computer.

Not only family members, others too had similar thoughts. They were in doubt why Jobs was planning to develop a computer technology for every home.

In one another scene Steve Wozniak, role played by Seth Rogen, says Jobs they will come to know whether he is really Leonardo da Vinci or he just thinks about it.

The other co-stars in the movie include Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Katherine.

The movie was recently screened at the Telluride Film Festival and next month it is scheduled to premiere at the London Film Festival. The movie is to hit the UK cinemas on November 13.

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