Published On: Sun, Apr 29th, 2018

Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

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Mother’s Day is one day of the year that everyone should be in the giving spirit. This includes kids old enough to hold a crayon.

Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

This is important is not because moms need another picture for the memory box, refrigerator, or office, but because children need to remember that giving is important, especially on a special day meant for someone who does so much for them. For those in a bind over what children can make for their mothers, grandmothers, or godmothers, just focus on a few common areas where kids excel:

Arts and crafts
Sweet treats

There’s more that older children can do, such as writing poems or stories, buying a gift with their own money, and preparing a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner (cleanup included), but for really little ones, the limits come fast.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Children can accomplish this on their own, or with the help of an adult. Since it’s Mother’s Day, the work should be special, so dads, or other relatives, should help out if possible.

One great idea would be to get a few scrapbook pages and paste pictures of the family together on a trip or day out. On the pages can be narrative from the perspective of the child about that day, or about mom.

When it’s finished, having the pages laminated will make it one gift that can be treasured for years to come. Other craft ideas could be models or craft sets for mothers who love to do this kind of activity themselves.

Baking or Cooking on Mother’s Day

Moms need a break, too. After baking hundreds of cookies and brownies every year, isn’t it time they had a batch made for them?

This is a great gift for toddlers to give because they can easily participate by separating the cookie dough or mixing the brownie batter. Those who have a little more practice can even help make eggs and pancakes for a special Mother’s Day breakfast.

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